Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Plush Life

Some of you mightn't know, but I don't just take photos or bake.
I have a crazy obsession with crafting.

I design and hand sew little plush friends like the owlet above,
I also just started knitting and I paint, scrapbook, collage and am constantly looking for new crafts.
If I see something crafty, I'm automatically thinking about how I could do it myself
(and then before you know it, I'm ducking out to the shops to get supplies)

I've thought about selling my little friends,
but so far they just live with my friends and family.
I love designing new ones justto suit a particular person or occaison
(I even made my sister a white blood cell to round up all of her crazy ones when she was in hospital

I posted a couple a longggggg time ago, 
so as you can imagine, now I have quite the collection!


But, aside from my plush filled crafting room, I've been packing my bags!
I'm about to head over to Louisiana, USA - with camera in tow of course!
and with a new fish eye/wide angle lens!!
So I won't be blogging for the next two or so weeks, but when I get back I'm sure I'll have lots to share!
So tell me,
Do you have a special hobby (or obsession)?
or are you craft crazy like me?!

Anyone with any new crafting ideas is welcome to share, I'm all ears!! 



  1. That owl is so cute! :) I love doing crafts, too. Especially on a rainy day. :)