Monday, August 29, 2011

An update of sorts!

Hey! Is anyone still there?!
I thought I'd write a quick post, updating you on everything that's been going on. 

For a while I wasn't posting much at all as there was alot going on,
but alas - I am back! 


Lately I've cut gluten from my diet in an effort to solve some health issues so I've been experimenting with new Gluten Free foods. 
Soon I'm hoping to reintroduce gluten, with the exception of wheat, so I can widen my options a little more. 
But some of my gluten free discoveries will definitely be sticking around! (see below :P)

I-herb has become my latest love as it means I can have so much more choice when it comes to gluten free foods. 

I am so glad I stumbled across I-herb while googling because not only do they have great products, their prices are incredibly reasonable - and that includes shipping!
Let me give you an idea... I was going to buy 3 GF cereals from an Australian online store (which was the cheapest I could find) but then when I looked at i-herb, I could get SIX items (including those cereals) for the exact same price including shipping!

 puppy puffin love

My latest purchase include something spectacular.... PUFFINS!  
and because I think everyone needs Puffins in their life, I want to share an iherb coupon for $5 off your first purchase! 
When you've chosen all that you want, just type in OTO868 at the checkout
and $5 will be taken off your total! :)  
That gives you more money to spend on other fun things, right?!


I've got some pretty exciting news, too! 
A while ago I did a shoot for Pepe's Pastizzi for their new packaging
and it's about to hit Woolworths shelves nationwide!

 As you can probably guess, I'm quite excited. 
It's not everyday you get to see your photos on a real package in a real store, right?
So you can be sure I've been keeping an eagle eye on the freezer section of every Woolworths store I walk into!

But I want to know about YOU!
What's the best thing that happened to you in August?  

and by the way,
I wasn't asked to review I-herb, or puffins.. I'm just a serious fan :P 
and I had to share!

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