Thursday, July 7, 2011

Feeling Saucy?

As a child, I always remember going to restaurants and getting to choose the topping on my ice cream after odering off the kids menu.
I rarely ever actually ate the ice cream, but it was a novelty.
Now i'm older, I'm always the one who organises desserts for dinner parties or get togethers.
It's usually something much more complicated than ice cream with sauces - but who says dessert sauces can't have a makeover?

Designer Foods have a delicious range of premium dessert sauces which are far superior to your standard kid's menu fare :P
and they're gluten free!
Let's start with something light, no? 
These fruity sauces are perfect for drizzling over pavlovas, swirling into yogurt or using as a garnish.
They're both made with real fruit and contain no added colours or flavours.

The Red Raspberry sauce is a rich red colour and full of flavour.
It would compliment chocolatey desserts perfectly and is great simply drizzled over ice cream.

The Passionfruit, Mango and Pineapple sauce is really summery and fresh.
For a quick and easy dessert why not grab some pavlova nests, add whipped cream and fresh fruit and drizzle over the sauce.

 Next up is the more caramel style sauces.

The Maple Syrup is a divider! 
You see, I'm a fan of real maple syrup, as in what you get straight from the tree.
However, I know alot of people who can't stand real maple syrup and prefer maple flavoured syrup (such as my sister)
This sauce isn't real maple syrup, but maple flavoured.
For me it was a little too sweet (but I'm the girl who's sweet tooth seemed to have packed up and left) but everyone else really liked it.
The verdict was that this sauce would be perfect for pancakes and waffles.
Maple flavours also work really well in savoury dishes so this would make a perfect glaze for meat or roasted vegetables.
The Caramel Creme is a rich, creamy sauce which would fit perfectly on a country table.
It's a delicious dip for fresh fruit, especially mixed with cream cheese and it is delicious when poured over ice cream, puddings, waffles or cakes.
This sauce works really well warmed or cold - it's up to you!

 Now the chocolate sauces!
Designer foods have catered to both kinds of chocolate lovers with these sauces.

The Premium Chocolate is dairy free and still sweet while having a rich chocolate flavour.
You can use it warm or cold and it works really well as a sauce for cakes or puddings, drizzled on as a garnish or icecream topping or used as a flavouring in milkshakes

The Premium Chocolate was the winner for me.
Intense chocolate flavour without the sweetness, this is one for the more dark chocolate lover.
It's also dairy free and great warmed or cold.
This sauce is great in drinks like hot chocolates, iced chocolates and mochas.
All of the sauces can be ordered from Designer Food's website,
they have some fantastic gift packs

So tell me, what do you like best in a dessert:
Fruity, Caramel or Chocolate flavours?
and what food reminds you of your childhood?  
Kinder surprises always remind me of being a kid, however, now I eat the kinder minis - they're one of the few things I liked as a child and still like now!
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