Thursday, May 31, 2012

All ears

So I'm back in the country.
I'm still feeling a little bit under the weather, but I think I've managed to find my brain again after the jet lag!

I had the best time in Louisiana with my wonderful fiance (yes, I'm still giggling when I say that) 
and his family. 

Yes, if you didn't read my last post, while I was away I got engaged!
My lovely fiance asked me to marry him in the middle of the Kisatchie National Forest 
and I couldn't help but say yes! ;) 
Of course I took pictures of the forest, too! (expect to see some soon!)

While I was away I took a tonne of pictures,
so many so that I don't know which to post first!

We stayed in Mississippi and we rode through their cattle pastures on a four wheeler,
we visited the state capitol building and saw Baton Rouge from the 27th floor observation deck,
we visited Bennett's Bay which is a bayou fit for the movies,
we went to the Alexandria Zoo,
we explored the Kisatchie National Forest 
and took a tonne of happy snaps along the way.

So tell me,
is there anything you'd like to see or hear about?!
Like those cows, my ears are open to suggestioms! ;P

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I'm back, with news!

and there's a pretty little ring on my finger!

Just a quick post now that I'm back in Australia from my two week trip to Lousiana. 
Yes, if you have me on facebook, you may have seen the news that while I was away I got engaged!
I also took hundreds and hundreds of pictures and have lots of stories to share, so be expecting some blog posts! 

So tell me, 
While I was gone - did anything exciting happen to you? 


Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Plush Life

Some of you mightn't know, but I don't just take photos or bake.
I have a crazy obsession with crafting.

I design and hand sew little plush friends like the owlet above,
I also just started knitting and I paint, scrapbook, collage and am constantly looking for new crafts.
If I see something crafty, I'm automatically thinking about how I could do it myself
(and then before you know it, I'm ducking out to the shops to get supplies)

I've thought about selling my little friends,
but so far they just live with my friends and family.
I love designing new ones justto suit a particular person or occaison
(I even made my sister a white blood cell to round up all of her crazy ones when she was in hospital

I posted a couple a longggggg time ago, 
so as you can imagine, now I have quite the collection!


But, aside from my plush filled crafting room, I've been packing my bags!
I'm about to head over to Louisiana, USA - with camera in tow of course!
and with a new fish eye/wide angle lens!!
So I won't be blogging for the next two or so weeks, but when I get back I'm sure I'll have lots to share!
So tell me,
Do you have a special hobby (or obsession)?
or are you craft crazy like me?!

Anyone with any new crafting ideas is welcome to share, I'm all ears!! 


Monday, May 7, 2012

Why I Blog

click image to see full size

to connect.
to share.
to learn.
to listen.
to explore.
to discover.
to develop.
to tell.
to dream.
to dare.
to release.
to find myself.

This blog started as an outlet, to give me something to do while going through some tough times.
It soon developed my hobby of photography into my passion. 
This little blog has allowed me to connect with lots of amazing people and led me to have some brilliant experiences. 

I don't have a million followers or a hundred comments on every single post with hits increasing every minute
but you know what, I don't care - because that's not why I blog. 
The few comments and readers I do get, however, I am ever grateful for!

I want this blog to grow with me and I want to take it in whatever direction I may go in. 
That's why ksayerphotography is a mix match of blogs put into me, it's a little bit chaotic and a whole lot of Kristy. 

But you, dear reader, I am most thankful for - and you are incredibly important!
So tell me, what would YOU like to see around here? 
and why do you blog/read blogs?
Leave a comment, make it anonymous if you like or send me an email - I'm always happy to make a new friend!