Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hello? Are you out there?

You appear briefly, tease us with your warmth and bright blue skies and wham you disappear!
Sydney is back to cold weather and dreary skies, for now.

So what do you do when you're craving Spring sunshine but mother nature isn't giving you any?
You bring out the spring-ish food and pretend the weather is how it's supposed to be.

For me, warmer weather means hot bowls of oatmeal disappear in favour of cool cereal bowls,
lunches become more snack like and salads and fresh produce are always on the menu.

Granola is one of my favourite summer breakfasts and since eliminating gluten I've fallen in love with all things buckwheat, so this Buckwheat Granola from Nushie's Natural was something I was itching to try as soon as I opened the box!

This Granola is; 
-Gluten Free
- Vegan
- All Natural (no icky preservatives!)
- Sucrose Free
- High in Fibre

It's also packed full of flavour,  containing apples, dates, almonds, sunflower seeds, currants, coconut, cinnamon, orange rind and maple syrup. 
It has a strong toasted coconut flavour, making it feel even more summery! 
The best thing for me about this granola was the chunks and the crunch! Even after sitting in milk for a while it was still crunchy and delicious. 
If you're not a fan of chunks, they're easily broken apart into smaller pieces - but who doesn't love granola chunks?

Speaking of crunch, Nushie didn't disappoint with these chia crackers!
These crackers are dehydrated to maintain all the natural nutrients of the ingredients, while still giving you a super crunchy cracker with a hint of lemon.

- Gluten Free
- Omega 3 Rich 
- Vegan
- All Natural
- Sucrose Free

They're a healthy snack on they're own or topped with whatever you fancy! 
They're a tasty and unique cracker option and perfect for sharing with friends at a summer BBQ. 

Nushie's Flaxseed Crackers are just as crunchy as the chia ones. 
They are full of flavour, thanks to the addition of tamari soy and maple syrup and a dash of cayenne pepper.

These crackers are also;
- Gluten Free
- Omega 3 Rich 
- Vegan
- All Natural
- Sucrose Free 

and you get the full benefit of the Flaxseeds as they're rolled, allowing them to be easily digested.

Nushie's crackers are available from a number of stockists across Australia,
check out their site to find the closest to you!  

So tell me, 
Does your menu change with the change of seasons?
What's your ultimate warm weather breakfast? 

I can't go past a cold bowl of cereal topped with fresh fruit, nut butter and shredded coconut - yum!

Kristy received Nushie's natural products courtesy of www.nushiesnatural.com.au
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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Spring has Sprung.

If you're in Australia, that is.
The sun is shining and the sky is (mostly) blue!

For me, warmer weather always brightens my mood
and my wardrobe!

I received a package from The Brittle Co and as soon as I opened the box, their bright vibrant packaging made me instantly think of Spring!

The Brittle Co's Brittle is:
- 100% Australian owned
- Made from the highest quality ingredients
- Gluten and wheat free 
- Soy free 
- Made without any artificial additives or preservatives

The brittle is made from a recipe based on a style of sweet made by convent nuns in the mountains of the Phillippines - homeland of The Brittle Co's owner, Justine.

So now I bet you're wondering.. Did the nuns get it right?

Oh yes they did.
 The Cashew Brittle is rich and buttery with generous chunks of raw cashews 
and the Almond Brittle balances out the sweetness with diced natural almonds.

The brittle is wafer thin so you still get the crunch without having to make an appointment with your dentist!
It literally melts in your mouth and tastes just like old fashioned homemade brittle.

The Peanut Brittle was my favourite with the tonne of peanuts scattered through the rich caramel base
and the Macadamia Brittle was a hit with macadamia fans with its generous chunks of raw Queensland Macadamias.

The Brittles would be a perfect Christmas gift 
and they're delicious as an anytime treat or crumbled over ice cream and added to desserts.

The Brittle Co brittle is available at a number of local Supermarkets, Delis and other stockists as well as on their website.
If you want to find your closest stockist, send an email to: crunchy@thebrittleco.com

So tell me,
What's your go-to present when you haven't a clue what to buy someone?Chocolate? Flowers? Something funny?

Kristy received Brittle Co brittle courtesy of www.thebrittleco.com
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Sunday, September 4, 2011

In the Raw

Since I've eliminated gluten for a while, 
I've been on a hunt to find the tastiest gluten free options. 
This means avoiding gluten free bread dish sponges like the plague (unless it's homemade!)
stocking up on GF Puffins, rice crackers, Food for Health GF muesli, buckwheat groats, rice flakes, dried fruits and nuts and anything else that taste's like real food :P
Oh - and drowning anything in nut butter.

I was super excited when I received a package from Kitz Living Foods,
their products are raw and all natural - with all ingredients being organic where possible. 
They're free of artificial colours, flavours, preservatives and thickeners and high in Omega 3 and 6, fibre, antioxidants, lignans and nutritionally loaded! 

I received two flavours of their chunks -
The chunks are a fantastic on the go snack and have the right amount of chew and crunch thanks to the mix of dried fruit and nuts. 

The Fig and Macadamia Chunks are perfect for fig lovers.  
The chewy figs and crunchy macadamia nuts are combined with organic sultanas, sunflower seeds, organic cinnamon and vanilla bean powder.
Of course, being the banana, date and walnut fan, the Banana Date and Walnut chunks had to be my favourite.
They're a mix of orgranic bananas, dates, insecticide free sunflower seeds, walnuts, organic cinnamon and vanilla powder. 
All of the flavours worked really well together and I was surprised to find the flavour of the sunflower seeds still managed to come through.
If you pop them into the fridge (or freezer, if you just can't wait) for a while, they're 100x better as the dates make the chunks super chewy.

Kitz products are available for sale on their website
where they also have a number of other great products like raw granola, crackers, flavoured nuts and buckwheat crispies.
All of their products are:
  • Free from artificial additives
  • Wheat and Gluten free
  • Dairy Free
  • Egg Free
  • 100% Vegan
  • Raw
 So tell me, 
Are you a dried fruit fan? - what's your favourite?!
and do you have a favourite GF product?

Kristy received Kitz chunks courtesy of www.kitzlivingfoods.com.au 
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