Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rise and Shine

Breakfast, the first meal of the day - arguably the most important meal of the day.
It also happens to be my favourite!

I don't know about you, but if I were to skip breakfast my day would probably go no where.
A warm bowl of oatmeal, a crunchy bowl of cereal, a breakfast bake (a la Ashley), pancakes - you name it. 
Breakfast wakes me up and gives me the energy to go on with my day. 
Emma Dumas from The Muesli wanted to create a quality breakfast that is nutritionally balanced and tastes great.
The Muesli is 97% sugar free and filled with healthy fats

It's made up of - 
27% Raw Nuts (Almonds, hazelnuts, cashews, walnuts and brazil nuts) 
23% Seeds (Pumpkin, sunflower, linseed and sesame seeds)
36% Rolled Oats
14% Shredded Coconut 

It can be made bircher style by soaking overnight, sprinkled on top of yogurt, eaten straight up or however you fancy!
The Muesli would be good for someone watching their sugar intake, however, for someone like me who is all about balance - I felt like it needed an extra flavour boost.

By adding fresh or dried fruit to "The Muesli" I had a perfectly balanced breakfast that was full of flavour.
You can order some for yourself online or at a number of stockists.

So tell me - 
what's your go to breakfast?

I have a different breakfast every day, flavour wise - but they tend to be based around oatmeal, overnight oats, cereal or muesli with breakfast bakes and pancakes showing up when I have more time for a leisurely breakfast!
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Friday, March 25, 2011

Thank you, lucky stars.

I haven't disappeared!
I've just been extremely busy!

You never know just how much your mum does until she can't do it. 
This past week and a bit I've played Mum - cooking, cleaning, washing, vacuuming, bossing.
Yes! I even got to do the nagging part - I don't know about your parents, but my mum just doesn't know how to sit still.
Doctors orders? Psh! I'd walk into the loungeroom to find her with a vacuum in hand or trying to do something she really shouldn't have even attempted.
But anyway, she is now well and truly on the mend! 

I am currently thanking my lucky stars.
Yesterday I had a photo shoot and the weather was PERFECT for the duration of the shoot - the grey skies only appeared once my camera was packed away!  

Needless to say, I was extremely relieved! but my day didn't just end there - it got better! 
I will soon be embarking on an exciting new adventure which I shall share with you soon!

But do tell me - 
What's your most hated chore?
and have you been thanking your lucky stars this week? what for? 

I've found this week that I don't actually dread household chores as much as I thought I did.
I always moaned and groaned when mum asked me to empty the dishwasher or put out the washing
but now the only problem is the ants biting my legs as I try to hang out the clothes :P 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Curve balls

So my week this week got turned on its head,
hence why I've been absent on the blogging/emailing/social network fronts.

My lovely mum was rushed into hospital with appendicitis,
but don't worry! she's now recovering and her appendix has officially left the building her body.

It just goes to show that life is always going to throw you curve balls when you least expect it
and we all need to look after our health!

Has your life been thrown any curve balls this week?

A package I received from Audrey and Marco was the perfect hit of sweetness I needed this week!
Audrey and Marco is a fabulous online delicatessen - they have everything from pasta in all shapes and sizes to spiced cookies (can you say.. yum?!) and they also have some gorgeous hampers that are a perfect gift for foodie pals.
You can even search for products according to their country! 

I loved the Oliviero Almond Torroncini which was little individually wrapped pieces of nougat.
The little pieces were a perfect size for me as someone who can't handle too much sweetness.
I loved that you got a mix of whole almond pieces and chopped nuts - they definitely aren't stingy in the nut department!

I also received some Peanut Halva which is made in Greece.
This halva is made from tahini (ground sesame seeds) and is filled with peanuts.
Halva is quite like nougat in flavour, however its texture is quite different. 
It's a perfect sweet to serve with coffee.

The jam/preserve lover in me jumped for joy when I peered into the box to see Tiptree Orange and Ginger Marmalade 
and I was very happy to find the ginger flavour wasn't overpowering and you still had a delicious orange flavour.
As an oatmeal addict, you can be sure I added it with my oatmeal and it was delicious!

The Chestnut Spread was the only thing in the box that puzzled me for a while.
Chestnut spread? Chestnut spread? What on earth do I do with that?!
Much googling prevailed and I found that Chestnut spread is often used in desserts and commonly spread on toast or fresh bread for a sweet treat!

I've never actually eaten a chestnut, so I had no idea what to expect.
At first I expected more of a nut butter consistency, but upon opening the jar I found more of a caramel-y texture.
It was quite sweet with lots of flavour and delicious spread on bread and crackers.
I think it'd make a perfect addition to cakes - or even dolloped or swirled into ice cream! 

So head to Audrey and Marco's website and have a look at their products
I know you'll find something you've never tried before - so why not give it a go! 
They deliver Australia wide so if you're an Aussie, you have a world of food just a click away.
Plus, just look at their website! That cute yellow striped header is adorable. 

But do tell me! 
How has your week been so far?
and do you have any phobias?

I'm terrified of blood and needles - so I dislike hospitals immensely :P
The whole IV thing freaks me out - grosss.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The best thing since sliced bread

That would have to be freshly baked sliced bread, no?

It's hard to beat the smell of bread baking away in the oven,
though I know the thought of actually making bread terrifies some people. 
Especially if they're gluten intolerant!

Seeing as Coeliac Awareness week is coming up soon, 
I thought now would be a good time to show you some more gluten free goodies. 

A while ago, I was sent a bunch of Simply Wize products.
All of the Simply Wize products are Gluten Free and provide delicious alternatives for those with Coeliac conditions.

The loaf of bread you see at the beginning of the post was made using the Crusty Bread Mix.
The mix makes it super easy to have a loaf of fresh, gluten free bread without the hassle of going out and buying a whole lot of different flours and stabilisers and whatever else. 
All you have to add is a sachet of instant yeast, water and oil and within an hour you'll have bread baking away!

The end product was a crusty loaf of bread with soft innards.
Unlike some gluten free breads, you couldn't actually tell it was any different
and by that, I mean it didn't taste like cardboard or have an awful gummy texture.

The deli wafers are delicious, and most definitely my favourite product from what I was sent.
They're light and crunchy and perfect for topping with cheese or dips. 

The Cheese wafers have a subtle real cheese flavour.
These were my favourite and I was so glad to find they didn't have that overpowering artificial cheese flavour that you find in other crackers and chips (think: twisties)

The Poppy seed and Sea Salt wafers are divine with cheese so they're the perfect addition to any cheese platter!

Don't worry, these will be a staple in my pantry from now on :)

The Corn Crunch is a deliciously moreish salty snack made from lightly salted corn kernels.
Yep, REAL corn kernels.
They definitely live up to their name with the crunch and are a perfect alternative to regular old potato chips!

Now, away from snacks and onto dinner - 
Simply Wize also make a gluten free Gnocchi that melts in your mouth.
I'm sure you could convince your friends that you'd been slaving away in the kitchen all day like a true Italian Mama when, infact, all you've done is added the gnocchi to some boiling water and topped it with some sauce!

 Now, in the supermarket there are plenty of ready made pizza bases you can pick up and take home to make a quick and easy dinner, however, there aren't that many options for people with Coeliac Disease.
Simply Wize solve that dilemma with their Pizza Crust
Now, I'll be honest, in the packet the pizza crusts don't look all that appealing.
But don't bail on me yet! I promise once they're topped with toppings and baked until crispy, you'll be thanking me!

The pizza crusts are delicious and have a great flavour from the italian herbs. 
They're individual sized and perfect for a quick and easy lunch or dinner.

Proof they look far better once they're cooked!

To find out where you can get your hands on some Simply Wize products, check out their stockist page :)
and to find out more about Coeliac Disease have a look at my previous post 
(and while you're there - enter my giveaway to win over $100 worth of products!)

But do tell me! 
What's your snack of choice?
and what's your super easy/lazy dinner of choice?

I love crunchy snacks, especially crackers with cheese or dips 
though lately I've been leaning towards homemade bran muffins with peanut butter
or anything with peanut butter, really.  
My favourite lazy dinner is probably a ham and cheese toasted croissant with salad
or a pita pizza with feta :)

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Winter warm ups

Cooler Temperatures.

The dreary weather Sydney has been having lately is really showing that Autumn is coming fast.
The cooler weather has definitely affected my eating - my summer cereal bowls filled with frozen fruit have been replaced by comforting bowls of hot oatmeal or amaranth filled with wintery spices.
Ice cream?! Nooooo way.

When the weather starts getting colder I always find myself subconsciously craving warming winter spices.

It was the cooler weather and dreary skies that made me decide it was time to try out the Ginger Drink I had been sent from Rochester Ginger.
The original Rochester Ginger drinks are made to a Dickensian recipe which dates back to the 1870's and contain 14% raw ginger root as well as raisins, elderflower and cowslip herb.
With the promise to unleash "the kick of two angry mules" I thought it would be a perfect drink to warm me up.

The Dark Ginger is a sweeter, milder variant made to an old Jamaican recipe with 9% ginger, caramel and cane sugar.

It's clear why these recipes have been handed down over three generations,
both of the versions are full of flavour and warm you up from the inside with the spicy ginger kick. 
They are a perfect non-alcoholic drink for those who want an alternative that isn't soft drink
though, according to my taste testers, they'd be an excellent addition to cocktails.

The heat from the ginger is perfect for ginger lovers and would make an excellent addition to recipes.

Both of the drinks are concentrated, so a bottle will make about 24 servings.
Just mix with your favourite mixer or dilute with some water and enjoy!

Find out how you can get your hands on some here!

But do tell me, 
Do your eating habits change with the season?
and What's your favourite wintery food?

I tend to eat salads all summer long and then find myself leaning towards hot vegetables in the winter to warm me up.
My favourite wintery food would have to be warm bowls of oatmeal or amaranth or a nice hot chocolate!
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Thursday, March 3, 2011

You never know if you never try.

Why hello there! How are you?!
This week has been a crazy whirlwind for me. 
Highs, lows and everything inbetween! 
Mind you, my week definitely hasn't been as crazy as Charlie Sheen's - but lets not go there! :P
Lately I've realised there's one thing I really need to remember...
You never know if you never try.
In fact, I've decided that needs to be my mantra. 

It applies to pretty much everything!
Opportunities, new foods, experiences, competitions
it's all about taking a little risk.

So I'm making it a challenge, to myself
to try everything I can
no matter how out of my comfort zone it may be or how foreign it is
because you never know if you never try! 

Speaking of which, make sure you enter my competition to win over $100 worth of Melinda's Gluten Free Goodies 
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So tell me, 
Is there a food or food combination you've tried that was a little out of the ordinary, but you absolutely loved?
and what's a new food you really want to try?

I tend to try and match peanut butter with everything - carrots, savoury foods, muffins, cereal, fruit - you name it.
I also do the same with cottage cheese, much to some people's disgust :P 

I want to try blue cheese but, for some reason, the idea of mould freaks me out and I haven't yet been able to try it 
but I will! Do you have a favourite thing to eat with blue cheese?


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

COMPETITION: Deliciously Simple and Coeliac Awareness Week

Even the best of chefs have kitchen disasters.
Cakes that fail to rise, muffins with doughy centres, ingredients knocked off the kitchen counter, spoiled milk, misinterpreted recipes,  faulty kitchen equipment - you name it, it happens. 

Gluten free baking can be a bit of a disaster if you're not used to it. 
Unfamiliar ingredients and textures can often lead to lacklustre cakes and gummy brownies. 
For alot of people with Coeliac disease, baking is forgotten about. 

But Melinda's Gluten Free Goodies makes it super easy, you could even say fool proof!
Take the Lemon Curd Delights I made above, all you have to do is melt and mix! 
Plus, no one will ever know it's not homemade unless you tell them ;) 
I got plenty of compliments from my taste testers who couldn't believe they'd come from a packet.

Coeliac Disease effects one in every 100 Australians, however, fewer than one in five have been diagnosed.
That means that up to 200, 000 Australians have coeliac disease and have no idea. 

So what is Coeliac Disease? 
It's the result of an auto-immune response where the body produces antibodies which attack it's own tissues. This response is triggered by eating gluten - a protein which is found in wheat, rye, barley and oats.

Those with coeliac disease may experience: 
- Fatigue
- Unexplained anaemia
- Nutritional deficiencies such as B12, iron or folate
- Gastrointestinal problems
- Nausea and vomiting
- Unintentional weight loss 
- Delayed growth or development in children
- Headaches
- Liver problems
- Unexplained multiple fractures
- Irritability
- Trouble concentrating

You may also have a higher risk of having coeliac disease if you have:
- a family history of coeliac disease
- type one diabetes 
- unexplained osteoporosis
- infertility or multiple miscarriages

So how do you find out if you have Coeliac Disease?
Have a talk to your doctor if you're concerned and a Coeliac Blood Screening test can be ordered and the correct measurements can be taken from there.

What happens to people with Coeliac Disease?
The good news is that Coeliac disease can be treated quite easily, with the removal of gluten from the diet.   

 Melinda's Gluten Free Goodies have just released an app called Gluten Free Entertaining to help you out when it comes to cooking for yourself or others on a Gluten Free diet. 

This should hopefully help you to avoid any kitchen disasters!
But now, lets get to the fun part!

I want you to try Melinda's products too! and so does Melinda herself!
So we're offering you the chance to win over $100 worth of MGFG delivered to your door! 
All you have to do is comment, telling me about your worst kitchen disaster
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