Monday, May 31, 2010


I'm a super creative person.
When I'm not taking photos, I'm sewing or drawing or making a huge mess in the kitchen.
That little guy above was made by me. The first 'plushie' I ever made actually!

While I do tend to focus my time on photography,
I adore sewing, especially in Winter.
I think my plushie total has now exceeded thirty something.
Not including the ones I've given away.

My "office" and I say it in inverted commas because it's not really an office,
it's more of a storage space....

It's overrun by creatures like this

as well as mountains of boxes filled with products I'm yet to review
and the occaisonal yeti...

So now, you know a little bit more about me
Tell me a little bit more about yourself!

Friday, May 28, 2010


I adore cheese. 
Especially vintage cheese. 
At parties, I'm always the one who stalks the cheese plate.

A while ago I was sent a package from The Simply Fine Food Company
that contained their delicious lavoche crispbreads.

I received their Sesame and Poppy Lavoche and their Organic Lavoche
and both were delicious!

The Simply Fine Foods Company's Lavoche crispbreads are made from 100% natural ingredients and free from nasty preservatives and msg. 
They're also baked not fried!

But I have to warn you. 
They're addictive

I had this cheese plate out at a dinner party and they received rave reviews
and disappeared verrrryyy quickly.

 If you want to get your hands on some of these delicious lavoche crispbreads for yourself head on over to The Simply Fine Food Company's Website where you can find a list of their distributors.

Anddd... in other news! 
It seems that my computer is fixed! 
(Thankyou technogenius Dad :D) 

But I'd like to know.. 
Where could I find you at a party! 

Kristy received the Simply Fine Food Company's Lavoche Crispbread courtesy of The Simply Fine Food Company.
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Thursday, May 20, 2010


Just a quick post to let you know why I've been MIA lately.
I haven't fallen off the face of the earth and I definitely haven't quit blogging.
My computers, however, have decided to band together and go on strike.
If you ever needed a reason as to why technology is evil, I think I just gave you one.
But hopefully, my technogenius dad (Hi Dad!) can do something to fix them.
That, or I may become one of those anti-technology people who live in the middle of no where and knit with sticks from the forest.
Okay.. I don't know if people actually do that.. but theoretically speaking yes.

I've been pretty busy lately. I've been to the launch of a new Sony product that's absolutely perfect for bloggers (will share ASAP), I've been trying to find delicious healthy recipes to share with you, I've been working through the mountain of products that have turned my office into a storage space and of course I've been balancing it all with school work.

So here's hoping that you'll be seeing ALOT more from me soon.
But do tell me, What's been happening in your world?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I'm all for healthy eating.
Sure, I love brownies and cookies and chocolate,
but I adore salads and foods that aren't fat laden.

So when I was contacted by La Casa about reviewing their bocconcini products,
I knew I wanted to come up with at least one healthy recipe.

Bocconcini is a delicately flavoured fresh cheese that is a Pasta Filata (also known as a stretched curd). In Italy, it's usually made with water buffalo milk, however La Casa use cow's milk in their bocconcini.

We had a small barbeque for mother's day and I was looking for something that was fresh and light.
I knew I had some cherry tomatoes as well as the La Casa Cherry Bocconcini and a loaf of fresh, crusty bread.
So I decided to do a simple twist on the usual Bruschetta.
Bocconcini Bruschetta 

1 Loaf Fresh Bread, sliced (any type would do)
250 grams Cherry Tomatoes, quatered
1 Tub La Casa Cherry Bocconcini, drained (Available at Coles)
1 Clove Garlic, cut in half
Olive oil

First I grilled the bread slices until they were firm enough to rub with the fresh garlic. I then drizzled the bread with olive oil and returned them to the oven to toast some more under the grill.
While the bread was grilling, I tore up the Cherry Bocconcini - you could slice it or leave it whole - and then tossed it with the quartered cherry tomatoes, olive oil and some salt and pepper.
Then all you have to do is arrange the toasted bread and top with the tomato bocconcini mixture.

I would definitely add some basil, however, I didn't have any at the time.
Another idea would be to spread some basil pesto onto the toasted bread for extra flavour!

Super simple.
Super fast.
Super light.

Now, I want to know -
What's your favourite thing to do with bocconcini?
Your idea may just end up here :)

Kristy received La Casa Del Formaggio products courtesy of La Casa,
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Thursday, May 6, 2010


I really dislike winter.

the cold.
the drearyness.
the flu that gets passed around
the lack of pretty flowers.. you name it!

The only thing good about winter is that it brings my birthday.
But i'd happily trade my birthday for a warm day.
That's how much I dislike being cold.

Lately I've been freezing
and it stops me from getting out and taking photos.
The other thing that stops me from getting out and taking photos
is school work.

But don't worry!
I'm working on taking more photos so my blog won't be neglected.

I'm also thinking about posting some healthy recipes.
I don't mean crazy healthy recipes where people make brownies from mashed up beans
or that include ingredients I couldn't pronounce.
I'm a fussy eater, so they're all normal recipes.
With normal ingredients.
What do you think?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I loveeeeeeee berries, 
but I'd never eat them if I was wearing white.
That's an accident waiting to happen.

So, when I received Pynk's Amazing Stain Remover
I went searching for foods that every parent of young children would cringe at the thought of.
This is because my younger sister was banned from ever wearing white clothing as a child :P
And I wanted to push the Amazing Stain Remover to its limits.
So I started squishing.

Now lets imagine this piece of fabric is actually your brand new white shirt,
and you're supposed to be out all day.

You don't want to be walking around looking like that do you?
Didn't think so.

This is when you pull out your Amazing Stain Remover,
Either the Female or Male version.

All you do is spray on the solution, wait 15 seconds and rub the fabric together.
Then you press down on the fabric with a tissue or cloth to remove the residue.
And repeat, if necessary.

Now I'll admit, I was very sceptical of this product.
Kind of like the guy at the mall who promises you that if you buy this mop,
you'll never need another cleaning tool in your life.

After following the instructions, this was the result I got.
Not perfect - But it's a big improvement on what was there.
(No infomercial hoo-hah here people! Just plain honesty)

Here I was thinking I may have pushed the Amazing Stain Remover a little too far.
When I had a thought, How about I wash the fabric?
That's the next logical thing - Right?

So I rinsed the fabric under cold water and patted it dry and I was suprised.
The white fabric was once again white! No purple haze.

So I'm going to recommend using the stain remover on stains while you're out - Big or small
as it's convenient and does give pretty good results.
But I'd suggest washing the fabric under cold water if you can, or waiting until you get home - Because at least you know 90% of the stain is gone.
You might even get better results by re-spraying the solution and then washing.

The Amazing Stain Remover gets an 8/10 from me.
It's available from for $14.95 for each of the bottles (Either him or her)
And the 50 ml refill bottle is available for $8.95

So I want to know,
Have you ever had an embarassing experience with stains?

Kristy received this product courtesy of
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