Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My favourite way to start the day

The first of December, already?!
This year is flying by. 

It seems Mother Nature is still quite confused,
I woke on the first day of Summer to pouring rain that hadn't ceased all night.
Uh, what?

You see, on the weekend when I took these photos it was sunny
and hot - definitely more summer-like weather.

Here I was thinking my breakfasts would be changing from my wintery oatmeal bowls
to summery bowls of cold cereal and muesli.
Well, they kind of have. 

Above was my breakfast on Saturday,
and milk and frozen banana slices were added later on. 

Yeaaah, I'm kind of obsessed with frozen banana.
But you have to try it - especially with muesli
because then you get super chewy pieces of dried fruit! 

Narelle from Food for Health was kind enough to send me their entire range!
I've seen the products at Coles and Woolworths but I hadn't had a chance to try them yet 
so I was definitely looking forward to breakfast! 

The Fibre Cleanse Muesli is packed full of psyllium, oat bran and rice bran to keep your bowels happy and your tummy full! It's also low GI so it keeps you fuller for longer and with the addition of linseeds it adds to your essential fatty acid intake. Your digestive system will love you with the additions of lecithin, magnesium and slippery elm powder. 
But don't worry! It's not just healthy - it tastes really good! Cinnamon, almonds and sunflower seeds work to give you a delicious flavoured muesli. 

The Fibre Cleanse muesli has no artificial flavours or sweeteners and no added sugar or salt
so you know exactly what is going into your breakfast bowl. 
It's fruit free too - which is perfect for someone who's not a dried fruit fan.

The Fibre Cleanse Muesli goes perfectly with some natural yogurt and fresh fruit 
or even straight up with milk.
It'd also be perfect for baking.

To be honest, If you had've told me the Fruit Free Clusters were going to be one of my favourites before I tasted it,
I would've said "Yeah... right.."  

But boy was I proven wrong. With this muesli, Food for Health proves that fruit free definitely doesn't mean flavourless or boring. 
Crunchy, chewy, flavourful clusters that'll make you think twice about their healthy ingredients.
It won over all my taste testers - even the ones who roll their eyes at chia seeds or psyllium.

These clusters are high in fibre and even have the addition of Chia seeds.
I loved the sweetness from the rice bran syrup and the crunch of almonds, hazelnuts, pecans, sunflower and pumpkin seeds. 

It's one of my favourite breakfasts of the moment with frozen banana slices (don't knock it til you try it) 
and milk - super summery! 

The Gluten Free Muesli is what you saw in the first picture,
a crunchy, chewy, flavourful muesli jam packed with dried apricots, apple, cranberries and currants.
You also get the crunch from the pepitas and sunflower seeds - making for the perfect balance.

Now this would probably have to be my hands down favourite.
In the last week I've not only had it for breakfast, but as a snack or dessert too.
It is delicious! and so filling.

The Liver Cleansing Muesli is a mix of ingredients designed to help your liver and digestive system. 
You get linseeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, pumpkin seeds, lecithin, barley bran, psyllium, millet, taurin and slippery elm.
Oh and don't worry - you get taste too :P

Another great tasting muesli that's low GI and packed full of nutrients. 
In my opinion - the perfect way to start your day. 

Food for Health Muesli is so delicious, you'll be wanting to take it everywhere you go.
Unfortunately, carting around a cereal bowl isn't always possible - especially if you're clumsy like me!

Luckily! their bars come to the rescue - chewy muesli in a convenient portable form.
They are perfect for snacking and eating on the go. 

Once again, these bars surprised me with the Gluten Free Fruit Free Bar being my favourite.
Though I am still a major fan of the Gluten Free Bar with Fruit as it's jam packed with apples, currants and cranberries. 

Oh and if you have issues with sulphur, you're safe! Because all of Food for Health's products have sulphur free fruit!
These bars are a perfect healthy snack and they're full of whole grains and healthy ingredients.

(applause please, people!)
So that gets extra respect points in my books! 

These products are definitely some of my new favourites! 
and I'm more than excited to share them with you. 
So I think today, you should rush out to your local Coles, Woolworths or Health Food store and get your hands on some! Your tummy will love me! 

If you live in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia or New Zealand - you don't have to miss out
Just check out their international stockists list

So tell me, 
Do your meals change with the season?
Or do you stick to the same things year round? 

Kristy received Food for Health Muesli courtesy of www.foodforhealth.com.au 
If you'd like a review of your products, send an email to ksayerphotography@gmail.com  

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy birthday blog!

that's right! 
One year ago today I started my little blog :)

I've grown a lot in a year, as has my blog - and I'd like to think my photography has too!
My first ever post was a picture and a caption, and that's it. 
I didn't write anything because I never thought anyone would find my blog.

Little did I know the seemingly giant internet isn't so giant afterall. 
Soon enough people started reading my blog and commenting - and I was shocked.
Why would you want to look at my pictures? or read what I thought?
Surely I wasn't interesting! 

In the past year I have met some of the most incredible people. 
Bloggers who have become fantastic friends,
food manufacturers who have helped me out as I've helped them out,
marketing people who have kept me "in the loop"
and readers whose comments make me smile to no avail. 

I am so grateful for each and every person who reads my blog. 
I don't know where I'd be if I hadn't started blogging,
who knows If I'd have continued with my photography in the way I have.
I wouldn't have had the opportunities I have had, or met the people who inspired me to keep pushing forward
and I wouldn't have the fantastic friends I have today.

So thank you,
from the bottom of my heart.
If I could, I'd bake you all cute little cupcakes
but for now I guess a picture will have to do
(hopefully I'll still be blogging when they come up with cool technology where you can get a cupcake from the computer - but until then I OWE YOU :D)

So, I decided my blog needed some cupcake love on its birthday.

I had been sent a bunch of Melinda's Gluten Free Goodies baking mixes to review  
and these Sweet Caramel Cakes seemed PERFECT! 

I've had a few friends who were Coeliacs and I experienced just how hard it can be to cater for specific dietary needs. 
I remember going to birthday parties with my coeliac friends who had to bring their own food and cakes to enjoy
and fussing over recipes for dinner parties where my coeliac friends were in attendance. 

These mixes make it so easy! 
and unlike alot of gluten free products - they taste fantastic!
They'd be perfect to whip up for an afternoon tea with your coeliac friends. 

Each box has a cake premix and a sachet of rich gooey caramel 
(really, it should contain two sachets of caramel so you can eat one yourself :P) 
and all you have to do is add eggs and butter. 

One tip though, 
make sure you grease the tins REAAAAAALLLY well or they'll stick - and you'll be presenting your friends with separate cupcake tops and bottoms  
(though, if they're like me and love crunchy tops - you can pretend it was intentional)

They're gluten free, wheat free and yeast free
and so so yummy!

 One of the first thing I did after trying the cakes was email my coeliac friends to let them know how good they were!
and it's so easy to get your hands on some
Head to your local Franklins, IGA or Woolworths
Have a look at your nearest health food store
 or head to one of the many online stores that stock Melinda's products.


Now, I'm hoping that next year I'll still be blogging
and celebrating ksayerphotography's SECOND birthday
and I hope you will all be with me too!
Once again thank you so so so so much
for inspiring me
encouraging me
reassuring me
supporting me
and helping me to create opportunities for my photography to grow and expand.

Here's hoping for a bigger and brighter future for ksayerphotography
filled with exciting new adventures! 

But do tell me,
What's your favourite dessert treat? 
and How do you celebrate your birthday? any traditions?

Kristy received Melinda's cake mixes courtesy of www.melindas.com.au
If you'd like a review of your products, send an email to ksayerphotography@gmail.com 

Friday, November 26, 2010

Sweet Saturday: Chocoholic

Chocolate - it's thought to have been around for at least three thousand years
with it's earliest documented use at around 1100 BC. 
Surely something that's been around that long has to be good - right? 
Chocolate is one of the most popular food types and flavours in the world.

I don't know about you, but I love chocolate.
Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate - as long as it's good, I'll take it in any form.

When I was younger I would only eat Cadbury chocolate - dairy milk, crunchie, fruit and nut, top deck etcetcetc. 
If you had have presented me with anything else, I wouldn't have touched it. 

As I got older I found myself moving away from Cadbury chocolate and becoming more interested in rich dark chocolate.
But I still have a love for the chocolate contained in that signature purple wrapper.

I'm sure you can imagine my excitement when I opened a package to find SIX blocks of chocolate from Alter Eco
It was like Christmas had come early!
Afterall, chocolate is one of the most popular holiday gifts.

Alter Eco chocolate is made from the finest organic cocoa and cane sugar that's grown exclusively by small-scale farmers.
This means sustainable farming methods are used to preserve local agriculture biodiversity.
So I guess you could call it guilt free chocolate?

Each of the six blocks were a different flavour, 
but they were all delicious. 

Dark Chocolate Twist 
 a block of rich dark chocolate with pieces of crystallised orange peel
much like a sophisticated version of a jaffa. 

Dark Chocolate Mint
bittersweet chocolate paired with the refreshing taste of mint
a perfect way to finish off a meal! 
This block had to be my favourite - I love the combination of mint and chocolate

Dark Chocolate Blackout
one for the true dark chocolate connoisseur,
an intense block with 85% cocoa.
If you're after a strong chocolate block - this one is definitely for you!

 Dark Chocolate Cacao
a rich block of chocolate with 73% cocoa and crunchy roasted cacao nibs.
This probably takes the place as my second favourite because I love the balance of the bitter cacao nibs with the sweet chocolate

Dark Chocolate Almond
a delicious dark chocolate block with generous chunks of crunchy roasted almonds.

Dark Chocolate Velvet
a dark chocolate block with a touch of milk chocolate
perfect for those who aren't quite a fan of dark chocolate yet. 

Just re-reading those flavours makes me want more
and perhaps you want to try them for yourself? 
Have a look at Alter Eco's Stockist List
I just saw that there's one right by my house - any guesses where I'm heading today? 

Once again it's the weekend! 
I have my fingers and toes crossed that the lovely weather of late will stick around
(pleaaaaaaaase mother nature - I'll make you chocolate PB!) 

What are your plans for this weekend?
and what's your favourite chocolate combination?  

Have a SUPER Sweet Saturday Lovelies :)

Kristy received Alter Eco chocolate courtesy of www.alterecopacific.com.au
If you'd like a review of your products, send an email to ksayerphotography@gmail.com

Monday, November 22, 2010


I don't know about you but I always get excited when I see new products on the shelves.
It's probably because I get suckered into marketing ploys
or maybe it's my love of variety that does it.

Carman's Fine Foods have recently extended their muesli bar range to include yogurt and dark chocolate dipped bars. 

The yogurt bars are an Apricot and Almond bar dipped in a creamy yogurt coating.
They're sweet - but not too sweet and are definitely more decadent than your run of the mill muesli bar. 

I loved the addition of the yogurt coating on these bars. 
Not only did you get crunch, but you got the smooth texture of the yogurt too!
Definitely a new favourite for me!

The dark chocolate bars are a cranberry and almond flavoured bar dipped in rich dark chocolate.
I love the combination of chocolate, almond and nuts and this bar was like my favourite trail mix compacted into one convenient snack.

Plus, how can you go wrong with chocolate?

I don't know about you, but I'm often ridiculously indecisive. 
I can stand at a supermarket shelve for ages going "yes, no, yes, no - oh I'll get this one - wait! that one looks good too!" and it takes me about 10 minutes to decide on which item to bring home.
Well Carman's have solved my indecisiveness with their new combo box! 
You get three flavours - thus you don't need to spend 10 minutes trying to decide
and you get the variety of if you bought 3 separate boxes! 

I love Carman's products - there's only one thing I'd wish they'd do
and that's much a crunchy bar range for the crunch lovers like me! 

So tell me, 
Are you a crunch lover or do you prefer soft and chewy? 
and do you get excited over new products too?!

Kristy received Carmans products courtesy of www.carmansfinefoods.com.au 
If you'd like a review of your products send an email to ksayerphotography@gmail.com

Friday, November 19, 2010

Time flies when your to-do list is long!

Saturday already?
This week has flown by! But I guess that's what happens when you're busybusybusy.
Today is my sister's birthday
Look, now you have a total of 10 seconds of bloggy fame)

and the whole week has spent getting organised for her party,
but there's still so much to do before it starts tonight.

It's because of my busyness that I didn't get to bake anything
(that all happens today) and I didn't get to review anything sweet.

However next week I have plans to make up for it!
Did you know?
Next Sunday is actually my little blog's first birthday.
I definitely think that calls for something special,
any ideas?

Today my to-do list is longggggggggggg
I've got a cake to decorate,
food to make,
decorations to help put up,
cleaning to watch (sorry Mum!)
among a whole lot of other things.

Oh and to top it all off?
We currently have no water.
The hot water system decided to explode last night.
Don't you hate it when things happen at the most inconvenient of times?

So tell me! 
How are you spending your weekend?
and what's one thing that has happened to you at the most inconvenient of times?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It's party time

 So exams are over and it's formal season 
hair, makeup, dresses, suits, ties, killer shoes and lots and lots of hairspray!

Yesterday I took some photos for my gorgeous friend Monique before her formal, 
here are just two with her beautiful pup, Bella. 
I have a couple more photos i'm going to share with you in another post so keep your eyes peeled!

This week has gone pretty fast for me, 
I think the enthusiastic attitude I talked about in my last post helped alot!

The rest of my week will involve cake baking,
party organising and lots of cooking! 
Talk about a perfect week :D

I'm getting more and more excited for christmas as the days pass,
santa in the shopping malls,
christmas music in stores,
christmas goodies lining the shelves
this is definitely the best time of year!

But before I can fully immerse myself in christmas spirit,
I have to get past my sister's birthday (which is this saturday)
but... I may have to secretly eat out of my brand new christmas dinnerware before then :P

But do tell me, 
what's your favourite time of year?
and how do you feel about the silly season?

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bouncing into the week

Why hello there!
I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!
Once again, it's a new week
and this week, I'm bouncing into the week full of life
and ready to take on whatever gets thrown at me. 

The weather doesn't seem to be sharing my enthusiasm, however.
But that's okay!

I'm excited for this week,
It'll involve lots of cake making 
and party preparations because it's my sister's birthday on the weekend. 

I love having people over
and having an excuse to try out new recipes and spend hours in the kitchen.
I don't know how anyone could say they don't like cooking. 

When I was younger I always looked forward to my birthdays,
I don't think I had many birthdays that weren't themed
or planned right down to the smallest detail. 

I had an American themed birthday party, countless fairy parties, disco parties
and I even had a pirate themed sweet sixteenth.

And the best thing about birthdays as a kid?
Getting to spend hours looking through Australian Women's Weekly cookbooks trying to decide which cake i'd get mum to make me that year
and then going through other party cookbooks begging my mum to make me ridiculous party treats. 

As I get older, birthdays have become less important
and now my excitement is focused on dinner parties and other people's birthdays.
Any excuse to plan a party is fine with me! Even if its just a few family friends coming over for a BBQ.

So tell me, 
What did you look forward to when your birthday came around?

Have a fantastic week! 

Friday, November 12, 2010

Sweet Saturday: Sunshine, lollipops and....

It's Sweet Saturday! 
Did the last week fly by for you?
or did it go slowwwwwwwwwwwly?

My week was a little bit muddled up.
See, On my brain wanted to think that every day since Tuesday was Friday
(wishful thinking?)
and then, all of a sudden
It was Friday!

Lollipops are probably one of the candies I associate with being a kid.
I don't think i've ever had to many lollipops where I haven't eventually given in and chomped on it though.
Have you ever noticed how much your mouth hurts after you suck on a lollipop for hours and hours?

A little while ago, Artisse sent me some products,
the first thing I noticed were these two packets of lollipops. 

I was sent both their Original and Gone Wild varieties that are:
  • Certified organic
  • Non GMO
  • Gluten, wheat, dairy, peanut and soy free
  • Vegan
  • Free from artificial colours or flavours 
oh, and I forgot to add YUM! 

My sister was my lead taste tester for this review!
and she wanted to make sure you all knew that she was the hand model
(Hi Katrina, here's the five seconds of blog-world fame you asked for) 

My favourite flavour out of all of the lollipops would have to be sour apple
and then mango comes in at a close second!

Artisse also sent me some of their organic food bars to try
I loved the bright packaging
and clear panels are always important, so you know exactly what's inside!
These bars are also gluten, wheat and dairy free
as well as being Low GI and Vegan
The All About Nuts baris filled with almonds, peanuts, brazil nuts, walnuts, raisins, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, brown rice, agave and brown rice syrup
and no funky mystery ingredients!

This was probably my favourite of the three thanks to the crunchy nuts and seeds
and juicy bursts of raisin.

The Cranberry Crunch bar started off on the right note for me thanks to its pink packaging
(my idea is that - if it's pink, it has to be good)

The bar was filled with peanuts, raisins, almonds, sesame seeds, cranberries, pumpkin seeds, brown rice and brown rice and agave syrup to naturally sweeten. 
I'm not usually the biggest fan of cranberries in bars because they're usually filled with way too many, but this bar had the perfect balance!

The Seed Delight bar was very much the same as the Cranberry Crunch bar, 
just without the cranberries - so this is perfect for a not-quite-a-cranberry-lover like me!

and to end the review on a sweet note, I was also sent their almond nougat
which was deliciously soft and chewy and filled with crunchy almonds.
and guess what! It too is gluten, wheat and dairy free :)

This is definitely a sweet treat I would consider again,
the ingredients list secured that consideration too!

Organic Corn Syrup, Organic Raw Sugar, Dry Roasted Almonds, Organic Crisp Brown Rice, Organic Egg White

Are you enjoying the sunshine as much as I am?!
or maybe you're just getting the first glimpses of winter?
I know that i'm super psyched for more sunshine, 
as is my wardrobe! 

But hey, do tell me!
What's the number one candy you associate with being a kid?

Kristy was sent Artisse products courtesy of www.artisse.com.au,
If you'd like a review of your products, send an email to ksayerphotography@gmail.com

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Busy as a bee

Friday already? Now that's what I like to hear!

I've been a busybusy bee this week,
but don't you worry - I've let myself have some time to soak up the sunshine.

mother nature, I have regained all respect for you!
a round of applause for mother nature, please

So i've said before that i'm a snacker
and it's true. 
If I didn't snack, i'd probably be gnawing my arm off by lunch time. 

I'm not good at the whole "eating 3 large meals" deal.
My stomach can't handle lots of food all at once,
so I'm much happier eating 6 smaller meals. 

A while ago I posted a review of some snacks from Healtheries and I'm back with more! 

 These are more products from their Wiggles range
and yes, I'm eighteen but hey! the Wiggles are as old as me!

So what do you do when you have a bunch of kids snacks to review? 
Well you gather together a bunch of big and little kids to try them!

These fruit fills are made with real fruit and wholegrains
and they taste good enough to fool fussy little ones :P

We decided they'd be a perfect on-the-go or lunch box snack
perfect for busy bees! and not messy to eat!

I knew these Ricey Bites would be a hit when I opened the box of products,
and I was right!

Crunchy and flavoursome, these share packs are a perfect snack!
and they're free of  MSG and artificial colours and flavours.

The cheese flavour was the clear winner out of my taste testers
and the eight share packs quickly disappeared!

 Snacking gets a bad wrap, 
but i'm all for it. 
Maybe I should start a PRACTICE SAFE SNACKING campaign!

or not

But do tell me! 
Are you a 3 square meals kinda person?
or are you a snacker like me?

what's your snack of choice? 

I'd definitely have to go with homemade trail mix or wholegrain crackers with cottage cheese or avocado 

Kristy was sent Healtheries products courtesy of www.healtheries.com.au
If you'd like a review of your products, send an email to ksayerphotography@gmail.com