Friday, February 5, 2010


on friday afternoon i made a hundred and something jam drops. 
they are DELICIOUS

hence why theres only about... 80 left :P 

my next post will be my 50th!
so i'm going to make sure its something good.
hopefully the sun will come out.
so i can take some good pictures.

the recipe i used for the jam drops is here :)  


  1. they look so cute! i havent made any in a long time, maybe make some time this week to bake em, thanks for sharing :O)

  2. No problem :D
    They're delicious, I added extra custard powder though and dropped the vanilla.
    The custard powder kept the cookies soft and yummy.

  3. They look great - I could have one of those right now :)

  4. I think you should take some pictures up of yourself and post them on here :)