Wednesday, April 7, 2010


the wombats(?) go marching one by one hoorah hoorah!

Recently I was sent some Orgran products to review.
The first on my list were the 'Outback Animal Cookies' in both vanilla and chocolate.
These cookies are:
  • gluten free
  • wheat free
  • dairy free
  • egg free
  • yeast free
  • GMO free
  • soy free
  • nut free
  • vegan 
So they're perfect for people with allergies or those who follow a vegan diet.  
The cookies also have 12.8% dietary fibre.

The cookies are available in two different packs - Loosely boxed or a bag or 8 individually portioned snack packs.
The snack packs, at 22 grams per pack, are perfect for on-the-go snacks or a treat in kids lunch boxes.

The cookies themselves were quite nice, 
personally I prefered the chocolate cookies as they had a richer flavour. 
The vanilla cookies were quite plain, but still enjoyable.

The texture is much different from regular cookies (for instance Tiny Teddies) due to the use of rice and pea flour,
the cookies themselves aren't overly sweet and I'm sure kids would love them.

The individual packs would be great for kids to share with friends who may have allergies, 
or for parent's planning kids birthday parties where guests have intolerances.

Orgran's Outback Animals are found in Health food stores and the health food section of most supermarkets. 
My taste testers and I have given them a 7/10 ratingand agree these would be perfect for people with allergies or those with a strict diet :) 

Now I want to know, 
is there an "on the go" food you carry with you?  

Kristy received Orgran Outback Animals courtesy of Orgran Natural 
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  1. they're certainly free from a lot of products. for someone not allergic to most of those things i would assume it's Taste Free as well but it sounds like they still have some taste factor :-)

  2. When I looked on the box I thought the same thing,
    I was wondering what the cookies could possibly be made from :P