Thursday, May 6, 2010


I really dislike winter.

the cold.
the drearyness.
the flu that gets passed around
the lack of pretty flowers.. you name it!

The only thing good about winter is that it brings my birthday.
But i'd happily trade my birthday for a warm day.
That's how much I dislike being cold.

Lately I've been freezing
and it stops me from getting out and taking photos.
The other thing that stops me from getting out and taking photos
is school work.

But don't worry!
I'm working on taking more photos so my blog won't be neglected.

I'm also thinking about posting some healthy recipes.
I don't mean crazy healthy recipes where people make brownies from mashed up beans
or that include ingredients I couldn't pronounce.
I'm a fussy eater, so they're all normal recipes.
With normal ingredients.
What do you think?


  1. my god it's been so cold hasn't it. have had to get the mini heater out! :-)

  2. You are in Australia aren't you? Does it even get cold in winter!?
    P.S. Gorgeous photo.

  3. Simon - I actually look forward to going to the office because I know I have my mini heater under my desk, haha.
    PhotoPuddle- It does get cold here, but Sydney isn't as cold as other places and it doesn't snow here. I just get really cold, really easily. I can't stand walking in the freezer aisle of the groccery store :P

  4. It seems like the Sydney weather has gone from summer to winter! *shivers*

    Looking forward to your healthy recipes - what about sharing your favourite winter soup?

  5. Oohh, good idea! I'm actually planning on trying out a couple of new recipes in the next couple of weeks.
    So I'll definitely post them if they're good :)!