Saturday, June 26, 2010


 I love herbal teas.
I can't stand coffee or regular tea,
but give me a herbal tea any day!
My current tea of choice is green tea,
I probably drink at least 3 cups a day. 
Before that it was peppermint tea 
(which by the way, makes Dello Mano brownies even better!)

A while ago I was sent some tea from neo australia,

A special blend of Japanese green tea with strawberries, mango, cornflower and sunflower which helps invigorate your system. With double strength antioxidant as compared to black tea, high in vitamin C and has been known as natural source of fluoride. 

Before I even opened the jar I could smell it
and it smelled delicious!
You can definitely pick up the sweetness from the mango and strawberries

So I brewed up the tea
and poured myself a cup :) 

And it was really nice, 
a good change from my plain old green tea. 
The sweetness of the fruit really came through in both the taste and the aroma. 

neo australia tea is available from their website 
and a 120g jar of their Gorgeous Green Invigorating Tea Blend will set you back $25.00 
and they don't just do teas. 

They also have hair care, body butters, deodorants etcetc. 
So check it out! 

But before you go,
do tell me. 
What's your winter beverage of choice?

Kristy was sent neo australia tea courtesy of neo australia
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  1. I love coffee. I like tea. And my favorite winter beverage, without a doubt, is hot chocolate. :)

  2. Mmm hot chocolate is good! I have a coffee machine at home so I loveee frothy hot chocolates.

  3. I have a whole heap of different chai teas and lattes I have to review and luckily my dad is a chai enthusiast.
    I'm not a big fan of cinnamon so I couldn't tell a good chai from a bad one.

  4. I love tea too but I have to admit that hot chocolate also gets a serious look in in these cold Winter months! :)

  5. Mm hot chocolate is definitely good!