Tuesday, July 6, 2010


What are the requirements of comfort food?
For me, comfort food isn't something that's fancy or pretty.
It's food that warms your heart and reminds you of something or someone.
Food that brings satisfaction and takes you back somewhere.

This is a post i've been wanted to add for a long, long time now,
but unfortunately my computer decided to keep the deliciousness of baked rice pudding to itself
and eat my photos.

but alas, 
I got them back! 
Food isn't just about survival, 
it brings people together and creates memories. 
This is why I knew I had to share the Marysville Cookbook with you all.

For those of you that don't know, 
On February 7th 2009, Victoria was faced with uncontrollable bushfires.
Now it's known as Black Saturday.

Black Saturday saw thousands of people lose their homes, their workplaces and even their family members and 173 people perished in the flames. 
Marysville is a town that was devastated by these fires and the Marysville Cookbook was created to give hope to the people of the town.
From each book that is bought, $10 is donated to the Marysville community. 
I heard from Heather Samsa, the one who put the book together, a few weeks back to find out that the money raised from these cookbooks has already helped out local schools in the area.

The book includes a whole heap of great recipes - Real hearty country cooking
and the 165 pages also hold many pictures of Marysville before it was devastated.

So I'm going to encourage all of you, take a look at the Marysville Cookbook Website
read the story
and learn about what happened.

I'm happy to say that I've had a few of my friends and family purchase the book after seeing it here.

And if you do purchase the book?
You'll be able to make a super yummy, heart warming rice pudding
and know that you've helped the Marysville Community.

But do tell me,
What's your ideal comfort food/meal and why? 

Kristy received the Marysville Cookbook courtesy of www.marysvillecookbook.com
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  1. Comfort food for me is something slow cooked, or something out of the oven. Favorites are: apple crumble & meatballs in a thick, rich, tomato sauce...*drool*

    Looking forward to tomorrow's sweet saturday!

  2. Oooh those sounds sooooo good right about now! Comfort food and winter weather definitely go hand in hand!

  3. This rice pudding looks so yummy! Definitely my idea of comfort food.....

    I think almost all food is comforting =]