Sunday, August 22, 2010

The coast is clear!

It's okay, 
you can come out! 

From my last post it appears that I don't have many readers that are licorice fans 

So this post is licorice free

Now, a couple of weeks ago you would have read that I turned eighteen.
Since then I've had to vote and now my wisdom teeth have decided to make an appearance.
I still don't feel that different though 
(except for the fact that teeth trying to surface hurts like crazy)
But I do understand why teething babies get so cranky! 

But there is one good thing about wisdom teeth... 
Never has ice cream felt so good. 

There should definitely be a Wisdom Tooth Diet
Frozen food, frozen food and.... Frozen food! 
I'd totally endorse it :)

And, I don't know about you,
But these wisdom teeth aren't seeming to make me any wiser :P

But as long as I don't have to visit the (dreaded) dentist,
I'll be fine. 

I don't think there's anything I hate more than the dentist.
The idea of someone sticking their fingers in my mouth freaks me out!
and needles.... and drills...
But luckily, I've avoided all drills and needles at the dentist thus far.

(I should've really put a warning above that in case anyone is planning a trip to the dentist - SORRY!) 

So tell me,
Have you got your wisdom teeth? 
and What's your opinion of the dentist?


  1. I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed, on four separate occasions, in the dentist's chair. Lucky for me though, they didn't give me much grief as they emerged through my gums ever so slowly over several years...

    Dentists don't bother me, but that's probably because I've been seeing them since I was 10 and I had braces for 4 years as well!

  2. Ouch! When I was little the dentist didn't bother me so much as my dentist was actually my next door neighbour (and I always got to pick a cool toothbrush at the end :P) but as I got older I got grossed out by people touching my mouth.

  3. :O I LOVE licorice! I must have missed that post, because I definitely would've backed up licorice and it's deliciousness. On the subject of wisdom teeth, I had an impacted one out earlier this year, but I've been lucky enough to leave the others alone, for now anyway. :S I'm hoping they'll stay where they are and they won't need any work. Good luck with yours! Homemade icy-poles with juice and/or yoghurt are nice and soothing too ;)

  4. Ouch that sounds painful! And I definitely agree with the homemade icy poles :)

  5. I had a check up last week & my wisdom teeth have all come through with no issues. thank god!

    I agree with Jasmine, make some homemade icy-poles!

  6. I've always hated the dentist. Not so much for the drills and needles (although I hate it) but more for the weird tastes of all the random stuff the dentist puts in my mouth- I can't stand tastes like that. I can't even stand the taste of toothpaste....haha

    My wisdom teeth haven't come out yet but I'm dreading it because there's a 90% chance I'll have to get them pulled out. Because I had braces before and then I got an X ray which showed they were growing sorta slanted and all that...*sigh* A few of my friends have gotten them pulled out and their faces turned all puffy and they could eat for a week.......=[

  7. Laura - Lucky lucky! It seems like mine are getting better, they didn't give me too much pain yesterday, so fingers crossed they won't give me too much trouble

    Von - Oh my goodness I totally agree! They have all weird types of fluoride treatments and gross stuff, ew! nawwwh :( Well I hope your wisdom teeth stay hiding and don't cause you any trouble!

  8. I hate dentists - except the last dental surgeon was really good. He pulled out one of my molars (my wisdom teeth are long gone), but I didn't have to take a single painkiller. There was lots of pain, mind you, but not beyond my level of tolerance, which I do admit is pretty good.

    I have a question - when you don't yet have your wisdom teeth, you think you'll grow wiser. But what happens when you lose them? Do you start losing your wisdom? I've always wondered!

    Hope your teeth stop hurting you soon!

  9. You're lucky with your last experience! I have a high pain tolerance but the thought of going through the pain is what freaks me out - does that make sense? I guess anticipation is a killer!

    I've always wondered that too! Haha and thankyou! They've actually stopped hurting so much the past two days - So i have my fingers crossed!!!

  10. omg my wisdom teeth extraction memories are being brought back!! haha i did a post about it here:

    definitely quite the adventure. i REALLY hope it goes quickly and painlessly for you!!! <3

  11. Thanks Kels! Hopefully they just grow in without hassles!