Friday, August 20, 2010

Sweet Saturday: meet Uncle John

I'm a big licorice fan. 
My boyfriend thinks it's gross - but that's okay, it means I don't have to share! 

If you gave me the choice between licorice or chocolate for the rest of my life,
I'd probably have a tough time
and then I'd end up choosing chocolate covered licorice
(best of both worlds - eh?)

A while ago I was sent some Uncle John's Licorice to review
and I've only just gotten around to trying it

Licorice reminds me of growing up.
My grandpa was allergic to chocolate so he was a big fan of licorice 
- which led to me becoming a big fan of licorice!
My dad also loves it too!  
(Dad, you're getting more and more food points)

Just the smell of licorice reminds me of my grandpa and being a kid.

Uncle Johns licorice is 99% Fat Free, Cholesterol Free and has no artificial colours or flavours (yay!)
and they use old fashioned small batch cooking methods.

As I first opened the bag I was hit with the delicious licorice aroma.
I loved how thick the pieces were and the licorice was full of flavour. 

Now, I'm not a fan of soft licorice 
- so I left the bag opened in the cupboard for a few days
and hey presto! it had firmed up!

I also loved the fact that Uncle John's Licorice wasn't oily like some others I've had.

I was also sent a bag of their chocolate coated licorice to try. 
I bit into the crisp chocolate to reveal the soft licorice centre and was suprised,
I actually liked the softness of this licorice. 
The crunch from the chocolate and the soft licorice was a good balance!

If you're a licorice connoisseur you'll love Uncle John's licorice.
I'd say it ranks very highly in my scale of licorice.
It kinda makes me wish I had my own Uncle John...

But that's okay - I can just buy some from their online store and pretend :P
and so can you!

So tell me, 
What candy reminds you of your childhood?

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  1. awwww.. your poor grandpa! I love chocolate coated licorice :)

    The candy that reminds me of childhood is "fags"
    always riding to the milk bar with my friend to buy them, then pretending we were smoking. I've never smoked EVER, but I've had plenty of "fags"

  2. Oh my goodness! I used to love those things hahaha :P

  3. Bleugh to licorice but I do remember having chocolate cigarettes. Looking back it was a crazy idea for children!!

  4. Haha definitely! I remember getting older and realising that they were actually supposed to be like cigarettes and all the other kids would think they were so cool for "smoking"

  5. I LOVE licorice and have never even heard of chocolate covered licorice. Yum

  6. It's delicious! You should definitely try it :)
    It's one of those salty sweet combinations!

  7. OMG I just found this - I loveee ungle Johns Chocolate coated licorice - my husband is addicted!