Monday, September 27, 2010

The early bird vs. the night owl

Its official,
I am the worst at sleeping in.

I just can't do it. 
I'll be lying in bed thinking, "Wow, I slept in for once"
only to look at the clock and see something ridiculous like 5:23.
and that's a good day!

The problem is, 
I don't even have anything I need to wake up early for! 
I swear on my last birthday I didn't turn eighteen, 
more like eighty. 

I used to be a night owl,
staying up until the wee hours of the morning and sleeping in as long as possible.
Now? I'm up at 5am and in bed by 10pm.

I think I need to take some sleeping lessons from my sister
because boy oh boy can that kid sleep or what! 
I can wake up, eat breakfast, get dressed and go out to do whatever needs to be done
and when I come back... she's still asleep.

She's lucky we don't have earth quakes or tornadoes here - because she'd probably sleep through them.

But that's okay.. 
because it means I can get up and make delicious breakfasts!
Like the Maple Banana Oatmeal sitting in front of me at the moment :)

So tell me, 
are you a night or morning person?
and what's your favourite breakfast?

A morning walk sounds perfecto right about now, 
Have a fantastic day, loves!


  1. I'm a night owl...always have been, but that may need to change when I have kids!

  2. Or maybe that might help you! Well... it might be a good thing and a bad thing :P
    Here's hoping your future children are night owls too! :P hehe

  3. I'm usually in bed by 11pm & up at 7am. i often feel like i'm 80 aso.

    i'm terrible, i eat at about 6pm then im exhausted because my days are terribly busy!

  4. I'm definitely a night person and the opposite to a morning person. I wish I was more of a morning person but I just can't be! :P

  5. Laura - I eat at 6pm too :P I'll make dinner, eat mine and then the rest of my family will eat later on. I don't like eating late :P

    Lorraine - My sister is definitely NOT a morning person. If you want her to get out of the house by say, 8AM... she'll set her alarm for 5am so that she can "have time to wake up" :P

  6. I can't sleep in on weekends lately. bugging me. I have no reason to get up before the time I get up during the week!!

  7. Isn't it frustrating! I always wake up super early on the weekends and everyone else manages to sleep in, so I'm left with nothing to do :P

  8. hehe...I'm definitely a night person! Although slightly less of a night person than most of my friends and other teens I know =) I get sleepy at 12 but I need heaps of sleep, so I usually sleep until 10-11 ish. Which is why I can never be bothered to cook breakfast!! haha......

    What happens when you're at a sleepover?? I usually drop dead at around two, so I'm usually first to sleep =) But still the last to wake......

  9. Von - I haven't been to a sleepover in agesssssssssss, but when I'm around other people I usually pep up and find the energy :P But i'll still be awake at 5am lolol

  10. Hey Kristy!
    Thank you so much for your many nice comments on my blog. I'm sorry I haven't gotten over here to comment you back earlier, I've tried a few times and my laptop kept freezing for some reason..laaame! I'm glad it's not acting up anymore though because I can't wait to keep following your posts : ).
    Your photography is gorgeous, you're very talented!


  11. Thanks Sarah! and that's absolutely not a problem :)

  12. I am definitely a night owl if I can stay up late! I just like staying up because it is quiet and I can always get a lot done!

  13. That's part of the reason I think I like getting up so early :P
    If I get up early, i'll get stuck into the things I have to do and then have more time to relax later.