Friday, September 17, 2010

Sweet Saturday: Naturally Gifted


Why hello there,
can you believe another week has flown by?

Something I received recently got me thinking, 
about natural "gifts" or "talents". 

I'm one to think that everyone has a natural talent,
whether it be cooking up a storm in the kitchen, singing, dancing or the person with a calculator disguised as a brain.
I know a lot of people who will say but I don't have a talent.

Are you sure?
Maybe you're just not looking hard enough. 

So think about it, 
what is something that you've always been good at.
It could be something simple, 
something seemingly unimportant.
Now focus on that talent,
what can you do with it? 

The thing that inspired me to think about natural gifts or talents was a gift hamper I received from Naturally Gifted.

I received the Wine Eco Gift Hamper.
This would be the perfect gift to spoil a loved one with.
I don't drink wine, so this hamper was shared with my mum and I.
We did a good deal.
She got the wine, I got the raw dark mint chocolate 
and we shared the other block with dad and my sister.
Naturally Gifted ensures that all of the products in their hampers are either organic, fair trade or locally source.
This creates a guilt free gift as it reduces the impact on the environment, supports workers in developing countries and addresses the injustices of conventional trade.
Even the packaging is made from recyclable and biodegradable materials!

So, lovely readers,
did you figure out what your natural talent/gift is?
Remember - it could be hiding!
If you want to suprise or pamper a loved one with a Naturally Gifted Hamper, head on over to their website 
they even deliver Australia wide!


  1. What is raw chocolate?

    As for talents, I have many almost-talents in my opinion, but nothing spectacular that I could make a living from!

  2. Raw chocolate is pretty much unprocessed cacao. It doesn't have any sugar or dairy and the cacao beans aren't roasted so it's essentially "uncooked". Its basically unprocessed chocolate sweetened with agave syrup.

    It looks and tastes just like normal chocolate but is a little softer and melts in your mouth easier. It's supposed to be "better" for you because all of the phytonutrients remain intact.

    Hmmm perhaps you could develop an almost talent!

  3. I know your talent!!! Well one of them- photography =D I know a few things I'm good at but I don't know if I particularly classify them as 'talents'. prehaps baking? but then, I see my baking as just following recipes, which really, anyone could do if they really wanted to!

  4. Awh thanks Von! I think your baking is definitely a talent, sure plenty of people can follow a recipe.. but recipes don't always work out!

    Plus yours always look so perfect!

  5. I liked what you wrote about talent, Kristy :)
    I have interests and passions, but am not 100% sure if I could pinpoint my natural talent!

  6. I'm convinced everyone has some degree of natural talent. Some people might not find it til they're eighty - but it's there :)

  7. Lovely! I love pretty packaged things =)

  8. I always get so excited when I receive boxes tied perfectly with ribbons. But then i'm all "ahhh I don't want to wreck it! its so pretty!" :P