Friday, October 1, 2010

Sweet Saturday: Never too Old

It's the weekend again! :)
and time for another Sweet Saturday post! 

This weeks post comes with a bit of a confession.
Yes, I'm eighteen... but I still happily eat food designed for little kids.
Those cookies you see up there? Yeah, they're Wiggles Biscuits.

 I was sent the entire Healtheries range of products to review,
and in the box was their range of Wiggles Products
It's crazy to think the Wiggles have been around longer than I have!

The "bickies" range comes in two sizes, a multibox and share packs  
so they're perfect to either pop in your purse or to keep at home. 

Now, you might be thinking... "Did Kristy really eat Wiggles biscuits?" 
you bet I did! 
and I was actually really impressed! 
They had some of the best nutritional information I've seen on biscuits, 
with no artificial flavours, colours, preservatives, MSG and less fat than other popular brands.
They were also higher in fibre as they're made from whole grain flour!

Plus, with cute shapes like Wags the Dog and Dorothy the Dinosaur, 
who could resist? 

They're not overly sweet like some other kids biscuits, 
which was perfect for me - but it may take a little adjustment from a picky kid!
That said, this picky not-so-much-a-kid-anymore would totally buy these Wiggles Bickies for herself. 

The Healtheries range is available in Supermarkets and Selected Health Stores across Australia,
so why not get your hands on some - and let yourself be a kid for a while?
You're never too old to enjoy yourself! 
And keep your eyes peeled! Because I still have the rest of the Wiggles range to review, 
and also the Kids Care range... 
So you'll be seeing more of my snacking side!


So tell me, 
Do you eat any "childish" foods or foods that bring back memories of your childhood?
and What are your plans for this weekend?
And on that note,
I think i've come to realise that I haven't eaten fairy bread in way too long!

Kristy received Healtheries products courtesy of
If you'd like a review of your products - send an email to


  1. So many foods trigger childhood memories! I was just thinking of party pies yesterday and remembered many a children's party! :D

  2. Party pies are definitely a "kiddy" food - I never ate them as a child, but they always remind me of birthday parties :P

  3. Awww, shaped cookies! They remind me of the McDonald's ones =) Love shaped food such as biscuits and sandwiches, which never go out of childhood-memory-inducing fashion!

  4. Shaped food is way more fun than regular food! I'm on the look out for shaped whole-wheat pasta, but so far I've had no luck :( I'm not a white pasta fan anymore because i'm so used to the texture of WW.

  5. I eat zbars all the time even though they are marketed towards children!

  6. Sometimes the food marketed at kids is WAY better!

  7. I gave you an award! :)

    Hope you have a great day


  8. found your blog from NTFancy, love your photos!
    happy Sunday.

  9. Thanks Rachel, i'm glad you like them! :)