Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Rain, rain - would you make up your mind?!

Wet miserable weather calls for one thing,
nope.. i'm not talking about an umbrella here,
it calls for a nice comforting cup of tea!

Lately I don't think the weather has a clue what's going on.
One second it looks like the heavens are going to up,
the next its ridiculously humid
and then two seconds later the sky is roaring with thunder
before once again returning to a pretty blue hue.

The weather is actually currently proving my point.
 I started to write this post expecting it to start raining
and the sun is now starting to stream in through my window. 

But back to the tea, 
at least that's reliable!

I've never been a fan of "traditional" tea, so to speak. 
Milk and sugar stays out of my tea cup as I much prefer herbal teas. 

A while ago, I was sent the Madame Flavour range to review.
The first thing I noticed was how gorgeous the packaging was!

Now, from left to right...
The White with Rose had a delicate, feminine flavour and a gorgeous aroma. It'd be perfect for an afternoon tea with friends because of its subtle sweetness. 
Next, the traditional English Breakfast was a favourite with my traditionalist taste testers, made that little bit special by the fancy infuser pods.
The Green Jasmine with Pear was one of my favourites as I'm a big fan of green tea. The subtle flavour of the pear was a welcome change.
Sultry Chai was sweet, spicy and full flavoured. It'd be a perfect winter warmer - or anytime warmer really, especially with this weather! I liked the little Australian touch this tea had that makes it different from other chai teas I have tried. Sweeten with a little honey and you're good to go. 
Earl Grey Twist takes your everyday (boring) Earl Grey and makes it a little special by adding a twist of Australian Lemon Myrtle. But don't worry, the lemon myrtle isn't overpowering. I think it definitely made me think twice about passing up more "traditional" milk teas. 

I think the combination of the packaging, wonderful flavours and aesthetically pleasing infuser pods combines to make Madame Flavour teas a little bit special and mystical. It's more than just a cup of tea.
These would be perfect for when you're having friends around and they're so easy to get your hands on! Just head to your local supermarket or you can order online!

Now, I still don't know what this weather is doing.
Sunny, yet cloudy, yet humid, yet cool...
But I do know that I am thoroughly enjoying my white with rose tea and hoping that someone will whisk me away to a tropical island with more favourable weather :P

But before you go, 
do tell me...
What would your ideal weather be?
hot, sunny, rainy, stormy?
When you're out (or at home!) what's your beverage of choice? 

Kristy was send Madame Flavour teas courtesy of www.madameflavour.com.au
If you'd like a review of your products, send an email to ksayerphotography@gmail.com  


  1. Oh, how I love tea, regardless of the weather! I drink it every day, every meal. It's almost embarrasing to admit that I have a shelf in the kitchen dedicated to my boxes of teas...

    I hope the weather starts to make sense of itself soon. There's nothing worse than walking out your front door expecting sun only to have it pour down with rain!
    The perfect weather for me would be a sunny day with a smattering of puffy white clouds... The temperature would be a crisp autumn day so winter woolies could be warn, but not so cold that it chilled you. Perfect tea weather ;)

  2. I love tea too - and I also have a tea shelf haha :P

    Your perfect weather sounds almost exactly the same as what I would choose. Although, I am quite liking the hotter temperatures, but not too hot!

  3. Mmmm! I love good tea. Unsweetened iced tea is always my drink of choice at a restaurant, especially if it is unsweetened and flavored! And my favorite weather is fall weather here...crisp, cool and sunny!

  4. Unsweetened iced tea is good! I love adding fresh fruits and mint!

  5. mmmm I love the green tea too! Gonna have to try the other flavours...

    I like it sunny. Sometimes I like it hot - for the beach. But those stormy nights are nice when you are tucked in bed and safe and sound :)

    my drink when i'm not at home varies with my mood... it could be one of many types of tea, or a mocha, chai, ice choc, or who knows! :P

  6. I love storms as long as they're at night - and i'm not planning on being outside :P
    Definitely do try the other flavours! :)