Monday, December 6, 2010

Ho ho snow?!

If you live in Sydney - or anywhere in Australia,
you've probably been feeling like we're experiencing a whole year of weather in the space of a week or two. 

One second it's sunny,
but the next you look out the window to see the clouds threatening rain.
Cloudy with a chance of meatballs sun/wind/rain/snow?
Who knows what to expect! I know I don't. 

Though I don't think it'll be ho, ho, snowing for us! (At least I hope not!)

One thing we do know is that Christmas is coming!
is anyone else feeling like it's coming at a ridiculously fast pace?!
One second it's November and then BAM! We're counting down the days til Christmas

One thing I've seen all over blog world is talk about how to act during the holidays.
What to eat, what not to eat, how to fit exercise into your holiday festivities etcetcetc.
I don't agree with people who think you should eat less leading up to the holidays 
so that you can eat more on the actual day
and to be honest, the last thing I want to be doing on Christmas day is going on a run! 
(Actually - let's make that anyday.. I can't run to save my life - i'll take a nice walk, thanks!) 

The holidays are a time for enjoying yourself with those you love
and who love you,
eating foods you don't eat every day
and laughing and having fun

Christmas isn't about stressing over the fact that your Aunt Olivia's potato bake has 10 billion calories,
so maybe you should choose that salad sitting by your Uncle. 

You don't put weight on in one day
but you do if you consistently eat badly. 
One piece of christmas pudding isn't going to make you gain 10 pounds and neither will two. 
The whole pudding? Well then it depends on how big it is :P 

It makes me so sad to see people thinking so much more about their waistlines
than what Christmas really means.

 For me christmas means:
being with my family
eating a cold lunch outside
my mum's Christmas pudding
seeing how happy my little cousins are when they open their presents
not being embarassed to wear the silly paper hats from Christmas crackers
Christmas ham
lazing about in the afternoon
giving back to those I love
showing love to yourself
cooking up a storm
listening to Christmas carols  
remembering the real reason why we're celebrating

and so many other things. 

On the weekend, my mum made her Christmas pudding.
The smell of mixed fruit soaked in brandy, brown sugar and spices wafted out of my kitchen
making me feel like Christmas really is coming. 
We've yet to put up our Christmas decorations - but the past weekend saw us putting up all of our Christmas lights outside.
The coloured light streaming in through my window is another Christmas reminder.
I know that so many people complain about Christmas shopping - but I love it! 
and best of all? WRAPPING PRESENTS!

If you need a professional present wrapper, I will happily apply for the job!

But do tell me -
what does Christmas mean to you?
do you have any Christmas traditions?


  1. Christmas means lots of food and family to me! :D How exciting that your mum has made her pudding, I would imagine the ritual really signals the start of Christmas!

  2. It definitely does! and the house is filled with the smell of it as it hangs to dry until christmas :D

  3. Christmas wasn't really celebrated in my household until I met my bf - now Christmas is full of food, family and celebrations. And I love wrapping presents too! You can even get Japanese books on the art of gift wrapping!

  4. Your christmas sounds much like mine! Ooh - Imagine if you could study the art of gift wrapping! Now that's my kind of diploma :P

  5. I love that for you, Christmas is in the summer. So crazy to think! For me, Christmas means having my entire family come over Christmas Eve and making snacks and laughing together. Then Christmas morning my mom makes breakfast and we open gifts and enjoy our day relaxing together :)

  6. A summer christmas is so different from a wintery one! We trade sweatshirts for swimsuits :P
    A relaxing christmas day sounds really good!