Friday, December 31, 2010

Turning over a new leaf

First off, may I just say...

2010 is now in the past and we're just starting out a new year.
For me 2011 brings a fresh start, a new perspective, change.

No longer am I dreading the start of the new school year
or starting to write lists of all the books, pens and tools I'll need for the year ahead.
Hey, I won't even have to go looking for the calculator I always seemed to lose! 

A new year is also a time for many to come up with lists of resolutions for the year ahead, but not me!  
How many people actually keep their new years resolutions?
Sure, I could say "This year - I want to practice yoga every single day" but I know that will never happen,
because I'd soon tire of it.

I'd much rather have a goal, a broad goal at that - but a goal all the same.
This year, my goal is to embrace the new year and whatever comes with it. 
So starting from today, I'm turning over a new leaf and starting fresh in the hopes that this year will have a lot in store!

But do tell me,
What are your hopes for this new year?
and do you make new years resolutions?



  1. Happy new Year babe!

    I'm not making any resolutions. But we are going to get a new fridge/freezer so that's exciting :P

  2. Happy new year! Ooh a new fridge to fill with delicious goodies? You can NEVER have enough fridge/freezer space :P

  3. Happy New Year, Kristy! I never make resolutions for the new year as I know they're too hard to keep. I do make small goals though...without a timeline...err, I'm a bit lazy like that =p

  4. Happy New Year Rita! I think goals without a timeline are a smart idea! That way, you're probably more likely to achieve them :)

  5. Happy new year Kristy! May your new year be filled with lots of fun, food, friends and family :)