Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Is that it?

Are the holidays really over already? 
Christmas and New Years seem to have flown by me
and now they're gone for another year. 

Yesterday we took down all our christmas decorations.
Does anyone elses house feel a little bit duller as soon as the decorations come down?
My loungeroom looks bare without our ginormous 7ft tall christmas tree taking up a huge chunk of the room.
Christmas is definitely my most favourite time of the year,
even moreso than my birthday!
I love being around family and friends,
having excuses to spend hours in the kitchen whipping up desserts or holiday meals
and Christmassy plates, bowls and cups make my meals even better!
But that's okay, 
once one Christmas passes it means I have a whole year to plan for the next! 
and you can guarentee that's what I'll be doing. 

So tell me, 
How was your Christmas and New Years?
and does your house feel empty once the decorations come down?  


  1. I <3 Christmas / New Year times too.

    Took done the decos a wile ago now, but left up my lights as they provide an excellent amount of light to the room, and I can't help but feel a bit like Nigella with them up.

    But it was back to work yesterday so I'm pretty much out of that nice relaxed feeling :(

  2. Oh no! Hopefully being back at work won't be too stressful or humdrum!