Monday, January 10, 2011

Moderation is key!

"Whatever you do, do it in moderation"
It doesn't seem mother nature listened to that proverb.

Rain is only good in moderation
too little, you have drought
too much, you have floods. 
The QLD Floods show us just how important moderation is
in every aspect of life - not just the weather.

One of the key areas in life where I think moderation is an important thing to remember is health.
It's so easy to overlook the need for moderation.
Especially with advertisements constantly bombarding you with their promised health fixes
and no-fail diets. 

I've heard alot of people talk about their new years resolutions
how they're going to cut out this and never eat that again. 
An all or nothing attitude is one of the largest mistakes a person can make in any aspect of their life,
it only sets you up for stress, failure, frustration and ill will towards whatever you are trying to achieve. 

For me, moderation is all about balance. 
I love fresh fruit and vegetables and seem much like a herbivore at times, but hey! I can eat my share of chocolate too!
I love photography, but if I forced myself to spend xx amount of hours with a camera in hand I'd lose some of my passion for it and my photos would clearly show it.
Reading is relaxing, but when your new years resolution is to read xx books in xx days are you doing it for enjoyment? or because you feel you have to. 

I think someone needs to give Mother Nature a lesson in moderation and fast.
My heart goes out to all affected by the floods.
If you're looking to donate to those affected, click here .
I believe it's really important to help out those in need if we have the power to,
because, after all - we'd want people to help us, wouldn't we? 

I've had to practice moderation when it comes to my Dr Kracker Obsession
while I could so easily eat them day in and day out, I'd have a problem.
I'd probably grow tired of them turn into a Kracker.
But then again - that could be a pretty tasty outcome! ;) 

How could you blame me? Dr Kracker Pumpkin Seed Cheddar are super crunchy
with organic pumpkin seeds and delicious cheddar flavour.

They're made with whole wheat flour and all organic ingredients 
and they're filled with nutritional powerhouses like flaxseeds, oats and sunflower seeds.  
Best of all? They make for a perfect crunchy lunch! 

My favourite way to eat them? Spread with a layer of fresh, creamy avocado or cream cheese.
Holyyyyyyyyyy yum. 

Quick, head on over here to find out how you can get your hands on some! 

So now we've talked about moderation - I want to know!
What's your favourite "healthy" food? 
and what's your favourite treat?

I have a current carrot addiction (so much so that my mother thinks I'm turning orange)
and I love nuts, seeds, fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains etcetc (most things - really)
But my favourite treat food? Well that would have to be chocolate.

Kristy received Dr Kracker crackers courtesy of
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  1. Yummm! I am also obsessed with the Dr Kracker crackers, seriously so tasty. My favorite health food is watermelon. Oddly enough I've found some really fresh and sweet here lately. And my favorite junkfood is cheese curls, my weakness.

  2. They're delicious! and watermelon is too - it's so summery!

  3. I love vegetables which is a good thing because I also love sweets so I figure that helps out in the moderation department lol

  4. I love Dr. Krackers too! My favorite "healthy" food is definitely oatmeal. And I would love to talk Sydney with you!! Any insider tips for me?! :)

  5. Oatmeal is the greatest food ever created!
    I'd probably say my greatest tip for Sydney is see EVERYTHING and ANYTHING possible - From Chinatown to the Harbour Bridge to Bondi Beach :)