Monday, January 31, 2011

Nature loving

I love being outside.
For some reason, people are sometimes suprised to hear this. 
Perhaps because I'm extremely girly or like to dress nice, who knows!

But one of my most favourite things to do is to be outside. 

Doesn't really matter what I'm doing - walking, sitting, reading, soaking up the sunshine
as long as the suns out and it's relatively warm I'll be happy. 

Since becoming interested in photography my love of the outdoors has only grown.
I will happily spend hours twisted into a weird position trying to catch the perfect picture of that spider or the teeny tiny flower peeping out of the scrub. 

My love of nature also translates into my eating habits.
I really don't think it's possible to eat too many fruits or vegetables.
Carrots are one of my favourite foods (hence why my mum believes i'm turning into an oompa loompa)
and I think the 2 & 5 guideline should be increased to something more along the lines of 10 & 10. 

Recently, I was sent a whole bunch of Emma and Tom's Raw Fruit & Nut Bars that sounded right up my alley!

Emma and Tom's Life Bars are all natural, raw and contain no added sugar. 
Not only are they filled with nutrient rich ingredients, they're delicious too! 

All four life bars are made on a base of medjool dates (natures candy!) so they're high in fibre and they also have a high level of "healthy fats" thanks to the addition of raw almonds and cashews.

 The Cacao and Orange Life Bar was most definitely my favourite.
Ingredients: Dates, Raw Cashews, Seedless Raisins, Cacao Powder, Cold Pressed Orange Oil.

This bar tasted more like a chocolate bar than a raw fruit bar. 
Think of a jaffa - but with a richer chocolate flavour. 

I found that these tasted EVEN BETTER when you put them in the fridge or freezer to let them firm up before eating,
they then become super chewy and delicious! Almost fudge-like.

The Cacao and Orange Life Bar would be fantastic for a sweet treat that's packed with nutrients.
They will definitely be a staple in my cupboard from now on!

The Cherry and Goji Life Bar was my second favourite of the bars. 
Ingredients: Dates, Raw Almonds, Dried Cherries, Dried Goji Berries. 

These bars are jam packed full of free-radical fighting anti oxidants which help our bodies to recover
and may even help slow down the ageing process. 
But the most important thing of all is that they taste fantastic.
Because seriously, what's the use of all these added benefits if the end product tastes foul?

 The Banana Life Bar with added Chia was different from what I expected, but still delicious.
I was expecting more of a fresh banana kick but the dried banana still packs a mighty punch!
(yeah I know, a tad stupid when we're talking about dried banana - but hey!)
Ingredients: Dates, Raw Almonds, Dried Banana, Chia Seeds

The potassium rich banana is thought to reduce stress and be a natural mood improver
so perhaps you should be tossing a Banana Life Bar to a cranky friend instead of a chill pill. 
This bar also contains the true superfood CHIA! that is the richest combined source of omega 3, fibre and protein
so this bar will not only be loved by your taste buds - but by your body too!

Now, I'm not a Fig fan so this bar was politely handed to the head of my taste testing team
who also happens to be a fig lover.

The Fig and Lemon Life Bar also contains Chia Seed for that extra nutritional boost.
I was surprised by the reaction to this bar as it was a resounding yum!
and this is coming from someone who quite commonly turns his nose up at unusual concoctions.

Figs are high in calcium and the cold pressed lemon oil gives off a delicious flavour whilst still being totally natural. 

I did take a bite of this bar as well (see what I do for you people!)  
and I was quite surprised that I didn't find it too bad at all!
I really liked the lemon flavour and the figgy-ness wasn't too overpowering!
I think Emma and Tom need to look at making a blueberry and lemon life bar - holyyyy yum :)
But, until then I would definitely recommend you try to get your hands on some.
Especially the Cacao and Orange Bar! 
To find a store near you just shoot over an email to
or call 1800 112 889. 


But do tell me - 
are you more of an outdoors or indoors type of person?
and what's your favourite dried fruit or nut? 

Dates would definitely have to be one of my favourite dried fruits closely followed by dried apricots, raisins, mango and cranberries. (Can you see I like my dried fruits?)
As for nuts - there's no way I could choose a favourite but I'm always sure to have almonds, cashews, pistachios and peanuts on hand!
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  1. Please soak up some sun for me because it is freeeeezing here! Gorgeous photo of the flower by the way :) My favorite nut is walnuts mmm!

  2. Oh Allie I will, It's super hot here at the moment!

  3. Ooh bars with medjool dates? I'm so there! I really must give these a go now :)

  4. Haha, you sound JUST like me! As soon as I see dates as an ingredient in anything I just HAVE to try it!