Sunday, March 6, 2011

Winter warm ups

Cooler Temperatures.

The dreary weather Sydney has been having lately is really showing that Autumn is coming fast.
The cooler weather has definitely affected my eating - my summer cereal bowls filled with frozen fruit have been replaced by comforting bowls of hot oatmeal or amaranth filled with wintery spices.
Ice cream?! Nooooo way.

When the weather starts getting colder I always find myself subconsciously craving warming winter spices.

It was the cooler weather and dreary skies that made me decide it was time to try out the Ginger Drink I had been sent from Rochester Ginger.
The original Rochester Ginger drinks are made to a Dickensian recipe which dates back to the 1870's and contain 14% raw ginger root as well as raisins, elderflower and cowslip herb.
With the promise to unleash "the kick of two angry mules" I thought it would be a perfect drink to warm me up.

The Dark Ginger is a sweeter, milder variant made to an old Jamaican recipe with 9% ginger, caramel and cane sugar.

It's clear why these recipes have been handed down over three generations,
both of the versions are full of flavour and warm you up from the inside with the spicy ginger kick. 
They are a perfect non-alcoholic drink for those who want an alternative that isn't soft drink
though, according to my taste testers, they'd be an excellent addition to cocktails.

The heat from the ginger is perfect for ginger lovers and would make an excellent addition to recipes.

Both of the drinks are concentrated, so a bottle will make about 24 servings.
Just mix with your favourite mixer or dilute with some water and enjoy!

Find out how you can get your hands on some here!

But do tell me, 
Do your eating habits change with the season?
and What's your favourite wintery food?

I tend to eat salads all summer long and then find myself leaning towards hot vegetables in the winter to warm me up.
My favourite wintery food would have to be warm bowls of oatmeal or amaranth or a nice hot chocolate!
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  1. I tried this stuff on the weekend! It was delicious, but I didn't have a spare $18 to spend :(

  2. Awwwh :( Don't you hate that! I always find delicious things and have to put them away before my wallet wails in despair :P

  3. Having to switch my coffee is always so annoying! I get on a kick of hot or cold and it makes me sad to have to change. Like right now I'm loving lattes! My favorite winter/fall food would have to be mashed potatoes. Definitely comfort food!

  4. I do the same with tea! When it's ridiculously hot outside, hot tea isn't exactly the greatest idea :P But hey, at least it gives us some variety! ;)

  5. Hi Kristy
    I recently received the Stylish Blogger Award and I am passing it on to you!!!