Monday, April 18, 2011

Breads and spreads

To me, fresh crusty bread is one of life's simplest pleasure.
Even as a child I remember being excited when Mum bought a fresh loaf of bread from the bakery because I knew that there was a crusty end piece waiting for me. 
Luckily, no one else in my family seemed to like the "butt" of the bread, or is it the heel? 
What do you call it?

Lately I've been experimenting in the world of bread making. 
Quick breads.
Yeast breads. 
Flat breads. 
English Muffins.

Why? Because well, I can!
I get a little kick out of baking things most people wouldn't think twice about picking up at the supermarket. 
I mean, if you can buy english muffins why shouldn't you make them?

For ages I was scared of yeast.
It smelt like old people, bubbled and frothed and doubled in size.
Now - yeast and I are allies in the kitchen.

When I received a package of goodies from Melrose Foods I knew exactly what some of the products needed. 
Fresh bread, the perfect vessel! 

 My favourite thing to slather on fresh bread would have to be nut butter - followed closely by honey. 
Usually, I'm a peanut butter girl addict, but after making my own nut butters at home I've discovered a whole world of nutty goodness. 

Now, before I tell you about these nut butters.. It's time for a public service announcement.
See the writing on top of the jar up there? It's kind of a warning. 
Now I want you to make sure you actually do what that warning says and not be a dodo like me. 

You see, I read the warning... and then opened the jar while standing and holding the jar on an angle. 
Excuse me brain cells? WHERE DID YOU GO?!?!?!
Needless to say, my floor needed cleaning. 
Back to the nut butters!
Once I'd cleaned up the mess and stirred the oil back into the spreads (another messy job - but it's worth it!), it was time for the taste test! 

The Walnut and Cashew Spread is made up of 80% Walnuts and 20% Cashews, so it's full of Omega-3 fatty acids.
It had more of a delicate flavour, when compared to something like peanut butter, and spread really well.
It would be the perfect addition to baked goods and is perfect on a slice of toast for breakfast.
You could even use it in savoury recipes - perhaps adding it to a salad dressing or using it as part of a sauce for a stir fry.
The Brazil Nut and Linseed Spread was sweeter than the Walnut and Cashew Spread thanks to the naturally sweet Brazil Nuts. 
As someone who isn't a huge Brazil nut fan, I was pleasantly suprised to find I really enjoyed this spread! 
Linseeds (also known as flaxseeds) are the richest plantsource of Omega-3 fatty acids so they're perfect for people like me who don't eat fish or eggs!
I'm thinking this spread may be the perfect addition to some banana muffins in the near future.

Melrose also have a variety of other nut spreads like Almond and Cashew spread, 
which I definitely have my eye on to try!

Tahini is something I've been thinking about trying for quite a while, but just haven't gotten around to.
Tahini is made by grinding sesame seeds and is an excellent source of calcium. 
Hulled Tahini allows for easier absorption of the calcium in the sesame seeds which would otherwise slip straight through the digestive system without being absorbed. 
Tahini is also an excellent source of protein, having more protein than milk, soy and many nuts.

Hummus is one of the most common foods that call for tahini, but it is also excellent by itself as a dip or used as a spread on sandwiches. 
Tahini can also be used in dressings and sauces in savoury dishes or used in sweet desserts.
I actually liked it straight up on bread or crackers and its delicious when mixed with a little bit of honey!

Now, mayonnaise is something I usually avoid like the plague. 
I mentioned above that I don't eat eggs, the reason I don't like mayonnaise is exactly that. 
However! this mayonnaise from Melrose (tongue twister? maybe?) is egg and dairy free
so there's none of that awful eggyness I usually despise. 

The mayonnaise is made with natural sunflower oil and is cholesterol free and vegan friendly.
I liked the tangy taste from the mustard which made it a perfect addition to salads or sandwiches, it's a perfect alternative to regular mayonnaise for those with allergies or specific food preferences. 

You can pick up Melrose products in the health food aisle of the grocery store
or at your local health food shop!

I want you to tell me
What is your favourite thing to have with fresh bread?
and if anyone has any delicious bread recipes, feel free to share! :)

Oh and let it be known, those lovely rolls were not created by me. 
They were bought from a bakery! I can only dream my dough shaping skills will ever become that good :P

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  1. Yumm! There's a place in NYC that has amazing bread and I'm dreaming about it now. I love the heel too! That's what I call it :) Lately my favorite thing to put on bread has been pumpkin butter and peanut butter combined!

  2. I've never tried pumpkin butter but I loveeee peanut butter on homemade pumpkin bread or pumpkin muffins, so I can definitely see how it would work! Perhaps I need to get my boyfriend to bring me some!