Thursday, April 28, 2011

THAT person.

Cold, wet, dreary weather. 
Winter has definitely announced itself. 
Personally, I think winter would be the type of person (if it were a person, of course) you try to avoid but always get stuck talking to.
Surely you know what I mean - the type of person you see across the street and think 
"Oh goodness - where can I hide? Have they seen me? Can I still make a dash for it?"
Does everyone have old friends that are like that - or is it just me? 

Needless to say, I do not like winter.
It makes me want to stay bundled up inside in the warmth, preferably cooking.
But maybe that's a good thing - winter means I get lots of cooking done because I'm so desperate to stand huddled over the stove or pressed against the oven. 

But do tell me - 
What's your favourite winter warmer foods?  

I find myself trying to ditch salads and cold foods when it gets really cold 
and I stick to warm meals like pasta or baked vegetables. 
I've also rekindled my love of hot chocolates and my tea stash seems to deplete 100x faster
and don't forget warm winter flavours like cinnamon! 
Now for a masterchef style challenge, I have two things I've been sent - but have no idea what to do with! 
Mustard Seed Oil and Macadamia Oil.

Have you had any experience with either of these?
Any suggestions of what I should do with them?! 

Ooh and in other news!
I have a giveaway coming up on MAY 7th. 
So keep your eyes peeled! It has to do with Fairtrade Fortnight and my favourite chocolate ;) 
(It may even be an international competition :O)


  1. Oh, macadamia oil!!! This is EXCELLENT to replace vegetable oils in muffins! It would work well for cupcakes that use oil too. I made these muffins that actually call for macadamia oil and although they're not very pretty, they were really delicious.

    Mustard seed oil? No idea!

  2. They look really yum! Thanks Jamieanne :)

  3. Winter makes me never want to get out of bed :( But I love baking in winter because it makes the house all warm :D I love hot chocolate in winter too!

  4. I agree with everything you said! Bed, baking, hot chocolate - perfect winter activities :P

  5. I tried mustard seed oil last night, infused with garlic and simply drizzled over hot pasta, yum, it has a distinct tang which works well with the strong garlic taste

  6. Ooh, thanks so much for the idea! That sounds delicious :)

  7. I know exactly how you feel about darn winter! I am so happy to have spring here!!! Did you get a new phone yet? Yayyy for an international contest!!!

  8. Oh Allie, I am so jealous - care to share some of the warmth? :P I did get a new phone and thankfully it's not evil!