Thursday, June 9, 2011

Can't mess with the classics!

I love experimenting with food. 
Some of my favourite meals have been created by me adding a little bit of this and a dash of that and mixing flavours that you wouldn't think would go together. 

But you can't always mess around with recipes. 
Some dishes are classics and need to be just right

My family is really into authentic asian style dishes and curries,
I've looked up recipes on the internet only to find hugeeeeeeeeeeeee long ingredient lists of ingredients I wouldn't ever have in my pantry.
Not. my. style. 

Ex MasterChef contestant Marion Grasby has come out with a food range of packs which contain all of the essentials you need to create classic Thai dishes. 
That means you can create delicious meals with ease, saving you the hassle of buying a tonne of ingredients from the Asian grocer that will probably sit idle in your pantry for months - if not years.

The Thai Satay Stick pack contains a satay marinade that is full of garlic, pepper and tumeric as well as a satay sauce packed with roasted peanuts and a delicious blend of cumin, coriander seeds and a touch of tumeric. 
All you need to add is 600g diced chicken or pork and the skewers (or you could make it even easier by just marinade chicken fillets in the marinade and grilling as is) and you have a delicious authentic Thai style meal on your table! 

All of the pastes, sauces and marinades in Marion's packs are based on her own recipes which she's learned and developed from a lifetime of eating and cooking. 

Satay flavours can be a very personal thing.
My family decided Marion's sauce was missing that little something - the oomph factor.
But that's where experimenting comes into play - a dash of this, a drizzle of that.

The Marion's Kitchen Range is available at Woolworths, IGA and other independent stores across Australia. The Thai Satay Sticks pack has a RRP of $6.99

But do tell me,
Is there a classic dish you just can't mess with?
or maybe it's just a favourite recipe you never stray from?

I used have certain dishes which could not be altered in any way or I just wouldn't eat them
but now I'm more open to trying new things.
As i've started cooking the majority of my meals I've become more flexible - missing an ingredient? just replace it with something similar!
 But there are those dishes that just don't taste right unless they're what I remember :P
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  1. I LOVE satay and it is something that I'm kind of afraid to make at home. In fact, I shy away from any kind of ethnic food at home. I also don't really make much fish at home because I just don't really know how to make it as good as I've had it in a restaurant!

  2. Oh, I agree! That's why this pack was so easy. Usually I look up ethnic recipes and am deterred by ingredients I've never heard of, let alone have in my cupboards!