Monday, March 5, 2012

Lunchbox Legends

In Primary School, there was always competition as to whose mum or dad packed them the best lunch.
Homemade cakes and cookies scored you some respect points, Tiny Teddies were envied but Mamee Noodles were always the things my peers were bargaining for.
"I'll swap you my tiny teddies for your mamee noodles!" 
"No way!" 
"Puhhhleaaaasseeeee, I never get those!"

So of course, when I was sent a box of products from Mamee, I was immediately taken back to Primary School.
Fast forward all these years (eep) and Mamee Noodles are still around - as well as some other products!
and Mamee Noodles also Amber Compliant for sale in school canteens under the Australian Government's Healthy Canteen Strategy.

Mamee Noodles come in both Chicken and BBQ flavours
which come in Multipacks available from Coles, Woolworths, IGA, Franklins, Big W, Target and many other stores around the country.
Their individual 25g packs are a perfect lunchbox treat or on the go snack.

These Rice Sticks are a part of Mamee's GF Range.
They come in both Vegetable and Cheese flavours and are available from Coles, Woolworths and selected IGA, Foodland and Foodworks stores.
They're crisp and crunchy with flavours that kids love (even the vegetable flavour!) and like the Mamee noodles, the 20g portion packs are a perfect treat to stow away in any kid's lunchbox.

Mamee also have some crisp and crunchy snacks for bigger kids and adults.
Both the Rice Chips and Corn Kiks are part of the gluten free range and are packed full of flavour.

The Rice Chips are very much like Pringles and come in both BBQ and Sour Cream and Chive Flavours.
They're perfect to put out when you have friends over or for an occasional snack.

The Corn Kiks have a savoury cheese flavour with an almost BBQ-like tang.
They're crunchy and moreish and disappear when put out at BBQs.

Both products are available at Coles and selected IGA, Foodland and Foodworks stores.

So tell me,
When you were younger, what was the sought after lunchbox treat at your school?
and What was your favourite lunchbox treat to have?


  1. I haven't had mamee noodles for ages!! I remember some of my friends ate normal instant noodles like this when they didn't have any mamee noodles- which I thought was sorta weird :S My favourtie (and probably the most sought after) lunchbox treat used to be mud cake (from Woolworths!!)- it's a bit messy, but was so good :)

  2. The same thing happened at my school, haha! But they didn't taste the same AT ALL. Uncooked noodles don't taste a thing like the toasted Mamee ones.

    You must've been the envy of all your friends! :P

    1. That's so true- glad I'm not the only one who thought so! ;)
      haha....nah, in my school (well my group of friends anyway), everyone brought mud cake to school every once in a while! :D

    2. I remember in primary school when everyone would bring in cakes and things for their class on birthday - time spent not learning AND cake? Double win! :P