Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ready for the weekend - Gluten Free Goodies!

It's Wednesday again!
Are you anything like me and SO ready for the weekend to be here?
Don't worry, there's only 2 days left! 

Being Gluten Free can mean you miss out on lots of fun and delicious foods, especially when it comes to social gatherings - but I've got you covered!
All the products in this ost can be found at specialty stores and health food shops around Australia and are also available internationally as they're imported from the US! (find out more at Real Food Distributors)

Chips and dips or cheese and crackers always make an appearance at get-togethers, so why not have some options that will suit everyone - even gluten free guests!
Boulder Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper Chips were voted America's #1 Potato Chip by Rachel Ray
They're crunchy and golden with kick of pepper and are;
gluten free
trans-fat free
cholesterol free
and all natural

R.W Garcia's Organic Blue Maize Tortilla Chips are made for salsa and guacamole, but are also delicious straight out of the bag.
They're gluten free and trans-fat free and have a full corn flavour.
They're also all natural and made the old fashioned way with nothing but blue corn, water, oil and salt.
They're super crunchy and the perfect thickness for dipping - they won't break away into your salsa!

Mary's Gone Crackers are the perfect cracker for whole grain lovers like me!
They're jam packed full of flavour and nutrition with quinoa, brown rice, flaxseed and sesame seeds.
They're also gluten free and contain no added fat.

Not a savoury fan? How about sweets! 
These Chocolate Chip Cookies from Mary's Gone Crackers are a great GF option!

- organic and non-GMO
- vegan
- gluten, wheat, dairy and egg free
- Kosher friendly
- low GI
- free of transfat and hydrogenated oils

and a good sweet treat to keep on hand!

So tell me
Sweet or Savoury, what's YOUR preference?
and what's your fail-safe party food when you're asked to bring something? 

Kristy received these products courtesy of www.realfooddistributors.com.au
If youd like a review of your products, send an email to ksayerphotography@gmail.com 


  1. Nice top hear Chocolate chip cookies and also gluten free..

  2. I love the RW Garcia Corn chips with salsa for a snack. I want to try the Boulder chips now too!!

  3. They're great, Mirianne - definitely keep an eye out for them :)


  4. Thank you , Chris, I found this exercise highly interesting.

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