Monday, May 7, 2012

Why I Blog

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to connect.
to share.
to learn.
to listen.
to explore.
to discover.
to develop.
to tell.
to dream.
to dare.
to release.
to find myself.

This blog started as an outlet, to give me something to do while going through some tough times.
It soon developed my hobby of photography into my passion. 
This little blog has allowed me to connect with lots of amazing people and led me to have some brilliant experiences. 

I don't have a million followers or a hundred comments on every single post with hits increasing every minute
but you know what, I don't care - because that's not why I blog. 
The few comments and readers I do get, however, I am ever grateful for!

I want this blog to grow with me and I want to take it in whatever direction I may go in. 
That's why ksayerphotography is a mix match of blogs put into me, it's a little bit chaotic and a whole lot of Kristy. 

But you, dear reader, I am most thankful for - and you are incredibly important!
So tell me, what would YOU like to see around here? 
and why do you blog/read blogs?
Leave a comment, make it anonymous if you like or send me an email - I'm always happy to make a new friend!


  1. I like you photos but I reckon less pr/freebie posts

  2. Thanks for the input :) I'll take that on board!