Saturday, February 13, 2010



naked cupcakessss...

the humidity today caused many a cupcake fail.
frosting was sliding down golden cupcake tops
and butter was vanishing into thin air.

i wasn't feeling any love from those cupcakes.
so much for valentines day. 

so here it is, 
one cupcake that didn't fail completely,
under the spotlight. 

happy valentines day everyone :)
don't worry, they were delicious
and thankyou Betty for the PB frosting suggestion.

and excuse the lame photos. 
i couldn't go outside to take photos today as its once again raining


  1. it's been hard trying to bake in this hot sydney weather! even if i make something well, it doesn't keep for very long. but i guess cupcakes get gobbled up quickly anyway!! your cupcakes look scrumptious!

  2. Humidity sucks. For a whole number of reasons.
    I gave up trying to make the cupcakes look pretty :p At least they tasted good.

  3. Ah yes I feel your pain. I've been trying to avoid turning on the oven. Gorgeous sounding cupcakes there! :)

  4. They were delicious.
    Baking is definitely better during winter :P

  5. Glad to see my Valentine's Day attempts at cupcakes weren't the only so-so ones out there. :)

  6. Yeah, it looks like the baking gods weren't shining down on us :P

  7. The Gods look down upon you in jealousy!
    They look nice and tasty!

  8. they were super moist and delicious!