Saturday, February 13, 2010


a while ago I was sent a tub of Trilogy's everything balm. 
everything balm is made with certified organic ingredients from fair trade and sustainable sources. 
it came in an adorable (and 100% recyclable) carboard box,
which opened up to reveal gorgeous images of flowers and bees. 
needless to say, everything balm still lives in its box in my handbag.

the packaging also lets you know what everything balm does, 
and I was actually amazed. 

here's a few of everything balm's uses:
- soothing dry skin
- softening, smoothing and moisturising all skin types
-nourishing and protecting skin on face and body
-a massage oil
-lip gloss
-cuticle conditioning

the list goes on and on.... 

I was quite impressed with everything balm however it is a bit hard to get out of the tub, 
I think this might be because it has a high melting point
which maybe Trilogy could look into. 

As its hard to get out of the tub it means that using it as a moisturizer is a timely exercise,
however, Everything balm works perfect as a lip balm and it has a gorgeous scent of rose, geranium, lavendar and frankincense.

It also works really well on hair - which I was a bit hesitant about, but it hydrates dry hair cuticles and makes your hair look smoother. 

I would rate everything balm a 7/10 and I would definently buy it whenever my tub runs out.
But it could take a lifetime to use all of the tub - great for my wallet :D

everything balm is available for purchase at Trilogy's website
and it's great value for money.  


  1. Thankyou for posting this review Kirsty!
    I have been interested in buying organic and free trade products as I've discovered how some manufacturers (Big brands like Maybelline) treat our Planet!
    I will be having a look at the website and hopefully buying some Everything Balm!