Thursday, February 25, 2010



 Today I spent the morning at the Sydney Royal Easter Show's Showbag Launch, 
And so did the kids from The Children's Hospital at Westmead and from Royal Far West 
as well as a whole bunch of mums, dads, grandparents and people from the media.


The morning started with a petting zoo for the kids, who were the SRES's official show bag testers.
There were chickens, ducks, calves, lambs, calves, a pony and even a donkey. 



the event then moved inside where Michael Collins, General manager of the easter show 
revealed the predictions for the top 10 showbags of 2010 

What are the predictions for the top 10 showbags of 2010, I hear you ask?

NUMBER ONE: Dora The Explorer Showbag -  
Complete with backpack, handbag, slippers, cooler bag, sipper cup, belt, hair ties and a head band

NUMBER TWO: Barbie Fab Life Showbag -
Which comes with a barbie: backpack, umbrella, cap, watch, headband, pouch, tumbler, bracelet and window stickers -$20.00

NUMBER THREE: Buzz Lightyear Showbag -
A buzz backpack filled with inflatable wings, a glider plane, glow stickers, bubble stickers, a play back and a protecter torch
- $25.00

NUMBER FOUR: Nova DIY Show bag -
Which comes with a lanyard, air freshener, sticker sheet, wrist wrap, carmex click stick, video ezy voucher, AMF and M9 laser skirmish voucher, biggest loser berry yoghurt bar and a choice of either a backpack or a satchel and a choice of two items - a cooler bag, thongs, towel, mp3 speakers
- $18.00

NUMBER FIVE: Dare Showbag -
Complete with a dare backpack or duffle pack, an ice back to keep the two iced coffees cold as well as a choice of two of the following - scarf, speakers, tshirt or cooler bag
- $17.50
NUMBER SIX: Socceroos Showbag -
Which has a soccer ball, sports bag, towel, flag, drink bottle and wrist bands 
- $20.00
NUMBER SEVEN: Sesame Beginnings Showbag -
This bag comes with a change bag, first year wall chart, bucket hat, feeding set, bath book, rattle and sipper cup
- $20.00
NUMBER EIGHT: Freddo Showbag -
Full of freddos (milk, milk top, crunchie, strawberry, peppermint) a stationary set as well as the choice of a; Freddo sipper, tumbler, money tin or library bag. 
- $5.00
NUMBER NINE: Coca Cola Backpack Showbag -
A coca cola backpack filled with, a yoyo, trucker cap, gridiron ball, frisbee, mini radio as well as a diet coke and regular coke
- $25.00
and last but not leasstttt....
NUMBER TEN: Bertie Beetle Black Triple Deal -
The classic bertie beetle showbag on steriods - This showbag is actually three showbags in one; filled with bertie beetles, lollipops, tattoos, kit kats, smarties, redskins, milko sticks, a postcard, stencil set and a bertie beetle egg cup. 
- $6.00
time to breaaaathhhheeeee.....
and that wasn't even all of them
Michael Collin's challenge to 2010's showgoers? To unleash their inner superhero. 
Of the 302 showbags unveiled at the launch 1/3 are under $10.00, 
Meaning our wallets won't have to leave empty. 

There are the old classics such as Bertie Beetle and the new favourites like LA ink and the Backyardigans. 
There are definitely showbags for people of all ages - and I definitely have my eye on the Darrell Lea Bags
 from the M&M's super bag 
the stars of some of the show bags even paid a visit
 as well as the TMNT and Carebears there was Batman, Freddo and My Little Pony,
the characters played with the kids while they ran around excitedly choosing their showbags.
from what I saw, the "Showbag testers"were estatic - some overwhelmed by their sheer number of showbags, 
Looking at their mum's and dad's like "can I really have this?!"

the Easter show is just 5 weeks away 
and by buying your tickets online you can save heaps - 15% on family tickets. 
so have a look at the Easter Show Website 
where you can find information on everything that's going to be happening
as well as information and pictures of ALL 302 showbags 

Thankyou to Kate for inviting me to the Showbag Launch - It was a pleasure attending the event.
If you'd like me to attend one of your events and blog about it, email me at
I want to know your favourite easter show experience! Comment and tell me all about it :D


  1. I read about this in the newspaper the other day- it sounds so fun! I haven't been to the easter show for ages.....I really want to go this year!!

    I love your photos- they look really professional =] What camera do you use?

  2. Its the same for me,
    Its been years since I went to the Easter Show.
    But the showbag launch definitely made me want to go.

    Thankyou for the compliment :D
    I use a Sony A300 and I can't complain, its so simple to use.