Sunday, February 21, 2010


this raisin bread was a bit of a fail,
in my eyes at least.

After spending a few hours proving the dough and waiting for it to bake.
I woke up the next morning and put 2 slices in the toaster,
I waited just a little more for it to toast. 

I opened my mouth to take a bite and... chewchewchew..
The raisin bread sucked.
Despite the recipe assuring me it was full of flavour,
It wasn't :( 

Now this is a reason why you should judge a book by its cover,
While this raisin bread looked kinda pretty
It didn't taste pretty. 
 It was bland.

But that only means I have an excuse to try again :P
Baking fails aren't too bad.

So tell me, what was your worst cooking experience?


  1. So many elements of this story are embarrassing.

    On holidays, I rode a bike to the butcher to get a whole chicken (quartered) to bbq. The plastic bag broke on the way home, so technically, it became road kill. Undaunted, I picked off the gravel, and put it on the bbq...I returned 15 minutes later to check was basically on fire.

    Charcoal roadkill a la Ross. Mmmmmmmm.

    Easily the worst meal ever.

  2. looks like the bread maybe didn't proof for long enough? ah well, i'm sure you'll do better next time!

  3. Ross- Charcoal roadkill haha :P You're braver than me!

    Jenny- It was actually an extremely small loaf hence why its so shallow.
    However I did use wholemeal flour so that added to its failing properties :P

  4. I take the easy way out.. I use a bread machine. :-P Well, I figured that if I had to eat something baked that is half-decent, I better not try to do it all by myself. Saying that, I'm not a really bad cook, but I definitely could be better.
    Your raisin bread looks good enough to wolf down, and I love raisin bread. I also like the pic. :-)

  5. Thankyou :)
    I love raisin bread too!
    Except I find some store bought raisin breads have wayyyy too much cinnamon.

  6. Hi Kristy, Thanks for the comment on my blog. You clearly have a talent for photography. Some of your photos are amazing. Keep up the good work.

  7. I must say - i've never tried Raisin Bread - but good on you for being brave enough to give it a go

  8. When raisin bread is good - its really good.
    When raisin bread is bad - its really bad :P

    But I think I shall brave raisin bread one more time!

  9. Aww your raisin bread does look very lovely indeed. Hopefully some jam/butter could have made a difference? And you're right, you get a chance to try again :)

  10. Yeah my parent's both liked it.
    I think it was just a case of baker's disappointment :P
    I had high hopes