Sunday, March 7, 2010


taken at eveleigh markets

 Lately i've spent alot of time on product photography, 
something that's totally out of my comfort zone.

 But i'm loving it, 
I love to learn about new techniques and I love adapting to new things,
This is probably the main reason I enjoy photography.
I don't think there's is any photographer in the world who knows everything.

Photography also makes me face my fears, 
I'm freaked out by spiders and bugs - bees especially
But i'll do anything to get that shot
even if it means crawling through gardens and twisting myself into awkward positions.

I'm also exploring new places,
venturing into areas I never would have thought about before.
I'm loving having a passion that is so satisfying. 

And the best thing of all?
Comments from all of you, 
You make me smile
and laugh

So now I want to know something about you, 
What's your passion? 


  1. Mine is photography & cooking! I'm planning to start Indian cooking lessons, since my roots are Indian. And photography is something I really started seriously in the past 3 - 4 months. I can mirror your sentiments to say that I'll do anything for "the shot". I almost trespassed on private property yesterday, trying to catch a little birdie! :-P I couldn't in the end.. it flew away really swiftly!

  2. BTW: the main reason to be here was to say you have a very intriguing shot! :o)

  3. Indian cooking lessons sound cool, I really value my zoom lenses because it means I can stand back from the situation and get the photo like I would if I was up close.

    Thankyou :)

  4. I think you know what MY passion is - baking! Currently I'm extremely passionate about getting a new KitchenAid, but they're so expensive here compared to in the US. :(

  5. I agree! Alot of baking equipment is more expensive here than in the US.
    Well, alot of things are more expensive here actually.

  6. Love the composition of your photo. My passion? Photography and eating. Yes, I enjoy eating more than cooking or baking :)

  7. Haha :)
    Eating is the best part! - After all, that is why we cook.

  8. You have a great "eye" Kristy love the photo!