Friday, March 12, 2010


Forget coffee beans! I'll have jelly beans any day. 

The lovely people from Jelly Belly Australia were kind enough to send me some of their jelly beans.
I had 49 different flavours in front of me plus some of their Sour Jelly beans - That's 59 Flavours all up.
So I gathered my un-official taste testers. 

Jelly beans are fun, 
Their shape is fun and their size
and they always remind me of parties I had when I was little. 

The 59 different flavours also made it a whole lot of fun,
as we scrambled to find the flavour we were looking for.
Sometimes the root beer jelly bean we thought we had turned out to be cappucino.
or the green apple was actually jalapeno. 

It almost turns the whole experience into a lucky dip. 
And you can make jelly bellys more fun by using the recipes

With 49 original flavours plus 10 sour flavours,
there's something to please everybody
from little kids to grandparents.

My favourite flavour is definitely licorice,
much to my boyfriends disgust :P
I'm a bigggg licorice fan, so a licorice jelly bean = <3

I also really liked the sour flavours, 
they were packed with flavour like the original jelly bellys
but I did think they were lacking a little bit of that sour punch. 
But that's probably just because I'm a big sour candy fan.

My taste testers and I really enjoyed the Jelly Belly Jelly beans 
and have given them a 9.5/10 rating!
Only because the sour ones weren't as sour as we'd like.

And now, 
I have a pretty jar of jelly beans displayed on my kitchen counter.
Cute and delicious!

Jelly Belly products are available from a whole variety of stores - 
To find where you can get Jelly Belly products near you click here!
See their official flavour guide here!
And you can also buy in bulk right here in either assorted flavours or single flavours!
Remember people, I like licorice! :P 

Now I want to know something -  
What's you favourite jelly bean flavour?
Kristy was sent Jelly Belly products courtesy of Jelly Belly Australia.
If you'd like a review of your products, send an email to 

Edit: I have a new favourite... ROOT BEER :D


  1. Love the colours and DOF in the first pic!

  2. oh yum. what a great sample product to be given :-)

  3. Foodwink- Thankyou! I wanted to focus on the teeny tiny jelly belly writing :)

    Simon - It was a super great product to review. I'd take few pictures.. take a few jelly beans :P

  4. Great photos! Bet they were fun to shoot!
    I love these jelly beans. Just wish they weren't so expensive. Perhaps they are cheaper in Australia.

  5. They're quite expensive here too, but a nice treat.
    I love how real the flavours taste - Especially the root beer and licorice ones.

    I love taking photos of food haha.
    Because it means I get to eat it :D

  6. Hmm... jelly beans. Can't live without them. Great photos. Nice blog!

  7. Ellie, I agree.. Jelly beans are great.
    I'm glad you like my blog :D

  8. Great pictures Kirsty. I love these jelly beans too :)


  9. Lovely DoF and colours! You make them look more appetizing! Great work.

  10. Thankyou :D
    They were super fun to shoot with