Monday, March 15, 2010


Chocolate covered strawberries at EQ markets

Chocolate covered strawberries are delicious,
whoever came up with the combination was a genius. 
Chocolate covered anything is delicious, mind you..

I love going to the markets and browsing the different stalls, 
especially the stalls that have sweet treats. 

My guilty pleasure at the markets?
Honeyed almonds or freshly baked pastries and cakes,
soooo good.

I'd be happy leaving the markets if I only had a bag of honeyed almonds in one hand
and a bag of cherry tomatoes in the other..
And that's happened quite a few times.

These strawberries were so cute though,
I love the heart quins and the circle ones remind me of a circus with all the primary colours.
I'm often hesitant to snap pictures of people's products at the markets, 
I've had a few people turn their noses up or give me nasty looks when I remove my eye from the view finder.
I'm not sure why though, I know I'd take it as a compliment if someone wanted to photograph my products. 

So now I want to know, 
What's your guilty (food) pleasure?
And have you ever had a bad experience when taking photos?


  1. They might think you want to set up in competition to them - but then isn't that what makes shopping an interesting challenge!!

  2. Yeah that's pretty much it. Oh well.

  3. so cute! perhaps they thought you were photographing to steal their idea because they probably didn't know why you were photographing them? i find it's sometimes a good idea to just talk to them first and tell them how you like what they've done and why you would like to take a photo of them. not everyone in the world knows about food bloggers. you might find it gives a better response. otherwise just buying them and then taking them away and photographing would be an option too. then you don't get any weird looks and you also get a chance to take a better photo :-)

  4. I love chocolate strawberries. I don't feel guilty eating them either! It's mainly fruit really isn't it!!

  5. Simon - Yeah, that's why I carry around business cards with my blog address. Usually I'll let them know why I'm taking photos or smile and ask politely.

    Photopuddle - I agree, its mainly fruit :P Therefore it has to be "healthier"

  6. I've had a bad experience recently. I was visiting Quebec city with a friend who wanted to have her photo taken in front of a craft store that had these beautiful glass clocks and stuff in their display window. As soon as one of the sales people saw me point my camera at the window, she swooped down on me and sent a volley of French my way that I didn't understand completely, but understood enough to let me know that it wasn't allowed. But I still got a sneaky shot later in the day.. I whisked out my small point and shoot camera and quickly snapped when no one was watching. Bad girl, eh!

  7. Awh, that's a shame.
    It sucks when people get agressive about it instead of just asking you to stop politely.

    I hope you got your shot though! Haha.

  8. I think people are more "negative" towards the SLRs as compared to point and shoots. I've never had any bad stares with a point and shoot but I've seen people give nasty stares at bloggers taking photos at restaurants... guilty pleasure ? hmmm... caesar salad. weird huh?!

  9. Yeah I definitely agree.
    I guess they're a little bit more in your face.

    Yumm, I love caesar salads.