Tuesday, March 16, 2010


 I love hot cross buns. 
They're one of the best easter foods - as well as easter eggs, of course.
Baker's Delight is somewhere I often by my hot cross buns from at easter time, its so convenient.. their stores are everywhere.

At the moment, Baker's Delight are running a competition where all you have to do is vote for your "Hottest Crossed Bun" - and here are the nominees: 

drum roll....

Traditional - For all the hot cross bun purists - 
a deliciously soft bun filled with fruit and traditional spices (No mixed peel).
There buns are perfect toasted for breakfast and spread with butter. 
Pictured above
Fruitless - A soft, lightly spiced bun for those who aren't fussed with fruit. 
Perfect for picky kids! 

chocolate chip hot cross bun
Chocolate chip - A twist on the traditional hot cross bun. 
There's no fruit here! Just over 100 choc chips in each bun, plus spices! 
Perfect for a sweet treat.

mocha hot cross bun 

 Mocha - A choc chip bun all grown up, this bun has the added sophistication of coffee - 
Perfect for a coffee break!

To enter the competition to be in the running to win an ultimate Easter hamper or 
Baker's Delight Vouchers head on over to the entry page

This Saturday (March 20th, 2010) Baker's Delight are holding a Bundraiser to raise money for sick children across Australia and New Zealand. $1 from every 6 pack of hot cross buns (Any flavour) will be donated to: 
  • Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation NSW
  • Royal Children's Hospital Good Friday Appeal VIC
  • Royal Children's Hospital Foundation QLD 
  • Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation WA
  • Women and Children's Hospital Foundation SA
  • Royal Hobart Hospital TAS
  • Royal Darwin Hospital NT
  • Starship Foundation NZ
 So why not pick up some Hot Cross Buns from Baker's Delight this Saturday (March 20th, 2010) and eat for a cause - Help Baker's Delight purchase essential medical equipment to benefit sick kids lives. 
Now I want to know, 
What's your "Hottest Crossed Bun"? 
Kristy received Hot Cross Buns courtesy of Baker's Delight Australia and Keep Left PR, 
If you'd like a review of your products or events send an email to ksayerphotography@gmail.com 


  1. I too love these buns. Perhaps I am "old", I only like the traditional one. Toasted with a slash of butter, they are the best!

  2. The traditional ones are the best! Around easter time they become my breakfast staple. Toasted with butter, yummmm.

  3. i've promised myself that i need to make a batch this year. i keep saying it every year and for some reason just never get around to it! my fave would be the traditional ones toasted with butter - absolute yum!

  4. All of your photographs are beautiful :)
    You have a talent!

  5. Jenny - I've promised myself the same thing! But now I have 10 baker's delight hot cross buns and some brasserie bread hot cross buns coming today :P
    Gotta eat them first, and then make mine haha.

    Nicole - Thankyou so much :)

  6. ur so fat kristy!!

    u eat ur photography dont u!

  7. I'm huge anonymous.. Can't fit in a door way.
    But y'know..

  8. Hello Kristy! :)

    Im Shahrul from Malaysia,come from your member blog. Im Amatuer too.. my hobby just take photos like u..

    in my view, u have talented for go far.. :) keep it up

  9. I'm glad to hear the Traditional does NOT have mixed peel. Off to get a pack now... :)

  10. Not a mixed peel fan I take it? The traditional ones are delicious!

  11. I like what you've done with the opening image. The composition is quite nice :)

    Judging from your more recent shots, I'd swear you're starting to become a food blogger...

  12. Haha It's looking that way, food is the most accessible subject to photograph.
    Even when I don't leave the house - there's always food.

    Food photography is a challenge, so I'm enjoying it and trying to absorb as much knowledge and skill as I can.