Friday, March 19, 2010


Meet Donald and Daisy - brother and sister.
These two cute puppies are owned by a close family friend who we're going to call Sparkles
Donald and Daisy are named after the Disney characters, 
Because like me - Sparkles is obsessed with Disney.
They're "cavoodles" - A cavalier cross poodle.

You wouldn't really guess them as being brother and sister as they're so different,
Like the photos show, Daisy is the bubbly energetic one 
and Donald is like a meek and mild old man.

I went over to Sparkle's house with a mission,
a mission that I completed.

To take the photo you see above. 
Luckily I had my zoom lense, because as soon as I walked two steps further from where I took this shot,
the dogs came running up to the gate to greet me.

I loveeee working with animals, 
Sometimes It can be extremely difficult - Because like children, 
they don't always want to do what you'd like them to..
But it's a great challenge.

I have an (almost) 2 year old puppy who recently has decided she doesn't like her photo taken anymore.
She's incredibly cheeky and smart so as soon as the camera gets close to her face she'll bury her head in her paws
or run around crazily to get away from me. 
(She's awfully cute though)

So tell me, 
What's your favourite animal?


  1. Love love love the last picture! My favourite animal is my five-year-old pup buddy, Jolly. And I think he's quite sick of me photographing him all the time!

  2. Thankyou :D
    nawwwwh that's the same as chanel :P

  3. I LOVE the photo of the two sitting in the doorway! For a house pet, my favorite animal would be a dog, and for a wild animal, my favorite is definitely giraffes!

  4. Excellent photos! I see you are a great animal photographer as well as making food look delicious. You are very talented.

  5. Jamieanne - Me too! It's so cute. Giraffes are probably one of my favourite wild animals, but I adore lions and tigers.. Probably the most dangerous animals in the jungle, but they're so cute!

    Photopuddle - Thankyou :D

  6. are you by any chance related to jemma? :P

  7. I'm related to a Jemma, but i'm not sure if it's the one you're talking about.
    The Jemma I'm related to is a chef, and works at Kylie Kwong's restaurant.

    So if that's Jemma, I am, haha.

  8. Beautiful shot of the puppies! It's definitely difficult working with animals, but looking at your doorway photo, it almost seems like you somehow convinced them to pose for you! LOL.. picture perfect puppies.. if I'm allowed the alliteration.

  9. Thankyou :D
    I literally stepped out of the car at the end of the driveway and pulled out my camera.
    That's how they sit anytime someone comes down the driveway but as soon as they get closer to the gate they come running.

  10. they r so adorable!

    my four dogs (yes i have 4, + a cat :D) always get over excited and wont sit still for any photos for me, they settle down after about 5-10 minutes though & thats when i can get some photos taken hehe

    my favourite pets would be my two rats i had in 2008 they were sooo adorable and obedient i let them run around my room and office everyday and they kept themselves really clean aswell but my parents hated them :(

  11. Woww, 4 dogs and a cat? I have two dogs and it's noisy in my house.
    Chanel is always running up and down the hallway trying to get my older dog to play with her, She's quite the ninja :P

  12. OMG! That last pic is so cute! What a fantastic shot Kristy, marvelous! I would definately get tha blow up and framed somewhere :)

  13. thankyou :D
    that's what we're going to do - it's so cute.