Saturday, March 20, 2010


Yummy Hot Cross Buns from Brasserie Bread

I lovee easter, It's my second favourite eating holiday..
After christmas of course. 

As a child it was because I knew I would get tonnes of yummy easter eggs
But now as I'm getting older I get more excited over hot cross buns and good friday feasts
(But the chocolate still excites me, I am a chocoholic afterall)

Hot cross buns are my breakfast of choice over the Easter period.
The hot cross buns from Brasserie Bread are delicious
and totally different from the Baker's Delight ones I reviewed last week
Which means when I get sick of one I can always switch to the other.
win win eh?

Every Good Friday my family holds a Good Friday seafood feast,
following the tradition of not eating meat on Good Friday.
Every creature that comes out of the ocean (almost) is set out on big silver platters.
I don't eat seafood but I love the atmosphere,
having a whole heap of family and friends around talking and sharing food 
and generally having a good time. 
Plus, there's always lots of other food.

Then Easter sunday comes and I get easter eggs!
(Mind you, I've already been eating them since they came out in stores
but an excuse to eat more is fine in my books!)
I no longer have the easter egg hunts that my six year old self waited all year for,
but I'm still convinced that easter eggs taste way better than normal chocolate.
Especially kinder suprise easter eggs! 

So now I want to know something about you, 
Does your family have any easter traditions?


  1. I'm loving Brasserie Bread Hot Cross Buns too, although tradgedy struck on Saturday when i paid for half a dozen chocolate and cherry hot cross buns from the market and walked off without them! Only realised once he market was closed! Gutted. Will have to seek them out again!
    Family Easter tradition in our house is to make proper Simnel Cake.

  2. Awwh that's a shame! The chocolate cherry ones are delicious!
    A simnel cake sounds interesting, I may have to look it up :)

  3. true- i love milk chocolate easter eggs - possibly just the colourful and unwrapping of foil to get to your special treat :)

    & the huge selections u can find at woolies/big W - so overwhelming!

  4. I agree, they are so overwhelming! I went to kmart yesterday and half the store was floor to ceiling full of chocolate. And they had the giant lindt easter bunnies :P

  5. Kristy, you should definitely look up Simnel. I'll be making one this year. I'm not sure of the exact origins but the 11 marzipan balls that are placed on top are supposed to represent the twelve apostles (minus judas). Also good for sharing out amongst the kids!
    Its a kind of fruit cake with Marzipan baked into the middle....mmmm

  6. you made me feel like hot cross buns, i'm craving and off to get some from oatley tommorow ( bakers delight choc chip :) )

  7. Charley - It sounds delicious, I loveee fruitcake. I think I may have a new easter tradition. Thanks Charley!

    J - Haha yay :) Hot cross buns are the best.

  8. I loveee hotcross buns more than chocolate forsure! YUM! Ive been having them for breakfast which isnt probably a good idea haha.
    We dont really have any easter traditions, but were having a family BBQ this year on easter friday...yes I said BBQ, there are a couple who dont eat meat on this day but the rest do. I will be making yummy salads though :)


  9. I eat the for breakfast too! Haha. They're so good, plus they're not around for the rest of the year! So that's a good enough excuse for me