Friday, March 26, 2010


warning, you may need a towel to collect the drool that will surely collect on your keyboard.

I was lucky enough to receive not one, not two.. but four tubs of delicious Gelatissimo gelato. 
You can say I was delighted, but that's most defnitely an understatement. 

You see, I'm an icecream/gelato/sorbet addict, literally.
I could eat icecream for breakfast/lunch/dinner in any season 
and I think people who don't eat icecream in the winter are crazy. 

It's probably my food of choice, 
when eating at food courts I often overlook "real" food
and head straight for an icecream store.

Gelatissimo is generally my first choice when I'm near one of their stores.
I love how generous they are with their toppings in some of their gelato - Biscottino especially.
(I'm a "chunky" icecream fan - If it has chunks of chocolate/cookie etc you've got me convinced).

The flavours I was sent from gelatissimo were;

 Mango Sorbet; 
This sorbet was deliciously soft and creamy - Not icey like some sorbets can be.
I loved the strong mango flavour and how it wasn't sickeningly sweet.
There was no artificial mango taste here. 
Definitely a favourite in my books :D

Sicilian Chocolate Gelato;
This gelato was incredible
So rich and chocolatey and delicious! 
The tub had to be removed before I gobbled it up all in one go.
This was my favourite of the 4 and it was sooooo creamy.


I will happily eat this for the rest of my life,

mm caramel swirl 

Macadamia and Caramel Gelato; 
This gelato kept with the trend of the others and was delicious!
I loved the richness of the caramel with the nuttyness of the macadamias mixed throughout. 
I especially loved that there was actually chunks of macadamia nut in the gelato.
This gelato was definitely addictive and I kept going back for more :P
The only problem I had was it seemed to melt alot faster than the other three - But that just means you have to eat it faster

And one of Gelatissimo's newest flavours.... 

you know you want some :)

Apple Pie Gelato; 
This was waaay better than I expected.
A deliciously sweet gelato with pieces of apple crumble mixed in the icecream.
It had a strong coconut flavour that was uber addictive. 
My only wish with this gelato was that it had apple pieces - I didn't notice any in what I tried.
But even so, it's so delicious that i'd have it again without thinking.

There's one problem with Gelatissimo gelato.... 
Its sooo good that I'm always struggling to decide what I want.
 So Gelatissimo, if you need a gelato tester - I'll happily be that person
You don't even need to pay me :D

You know you want some 

If you want more information on Gelatissimo, head to their website 
or follow them on twitter!

This gelatissimo gelato gets a 1,000/10 
Seriously, it's that good..
now make your way to a gelatissimo store, pronto!

Now I want to know, 
What is your dream gelato flavour? 

Kristy received Gelatissimo gelato courtesy of Gelatissimo Australia and TailorMaid
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  1. Yup, you were right about the drool on my keyboard.

    By the way, I have linked to you from my blog in my list of places to view great photos.

  2. Haha, its soooo delicious.
    Thankyou so much for that! :D

  3. Haha there is actually!
    We're pacing ourselves through the 4 litres,
    don't want them to run out! :p

  4. Oh I am SOOOO jealous of you!! I am a complete ice cream skank!! :)
    My fave flavour always has some connection to Chocolate and the richer the better but my hard to find favourite at the moment is Green Tea... drool! :)

  5. Haha I agree, The richer the better!
    I loveeeeeeeee chocolate ice cream.

  6. that does look really nice....but would prefer u more :)

  7. And Daniel, I'd prefer you didn't comment my blog..
    Or anything pertaining to me.
    You make it way too obvious.

  8. mmmmm... yes I will need a towel to collect that drool.

  9. but u know im right......

  10. Mmmm... You are a lucky girl to be able to score all that gelato. The apple pie sound delicious! Is it a new flavour? I want to rush out and get some! *drools*

  11. yeah the apple pie is a new flavour, I think it's a limited edition flavour so i'd hurry!