Tuesday, March 30, 2010


taken during earth hour

Easter is fast approaching!
Easter eggs have become part of my daily diet, my egg shaped cookie cutters have gotten a work out, hot cross buns are still as delicious as ever and I'm still planning our Good Friday menu. 

There's alot of exciting things that will be happening for my blog in the coming posts. 
You'll need to keep your eye out for my first giveaway! 
You'll be seeing a whole bunch of random pictures
and hopefully a whole heap of recipes!

My time off school is going to be devoted to photography, and food - of course. 
So I'm trying to narrow down my list of recipes to a selected few to share with you all. 
I've also got a cook book to share that really defines cooking for a cause. 

I have alot of things planned, but its not about me.. 
So I want to know, 
What do you want to see?!

(Now that sounds cheesy, but do share!)


  1. looking forward to your first giveaway. i hope it's something yummy to eat :-) i think you'd have to be the youngest food blogger i can think of. i want to know simple and easy recipes that are quick and easy to prepare.

  2. Me too! I'm struggling to keep my lips sealed :P
    I thought I was the youngest food blogger, until, I saw someone's tweet about an 8 year old food blogger - So I have (almost) 10 years on him

    Simple and easy recipes sound like something I can surely do :D