Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Carman's Natural Bircher Muesli.

Now, I'm a bigggggg muesli fan
so when I received a box full of muesli products from Justine at Carman's Muesli I got excited.

I've had carman's muesli bars before, but never their loose muesli. 

So this morning I sat down to a bowl of Carman's Natural Bircher Muesli 
 mixed with greek yoghurt and topped with blueberries and a drizzle of honey.

The box suggested adding grated apple and keeping it in a sealed container in the fridge but I was out of apples! 


But the muesli was delishhh,
As it's untoasted it wasn't crunchy however their was crunch from the tiny pieces of almonds, hazelnuts and pecans as well as sunflower and sesame seeds.
The dried fruit is what made it for me, probably the best part of any muesli in my opinion.
There were sweet bursts of raisins, sultanas and dried apricots. 
The muesli was jam packed with flavour - especially what seems to be Carman's signature spice, cinnamon.
Now i'm no cinnamon fan but I really loved the warm cinnamon taste. 


And the best thing of all?
All of Carman's Muesli Products are preservative free and 100% Australian Made and Owned
So you know exactly what's going in your stomach!

You can buy Carman's Muesli products at all good grocery stores :) 

It's definitely a 10/10 for me :) 

So now I want to know, 
What's your favourite breakfast food?
 And do you have a recipe involving muesli you think I should use in my upcoming reviews? 

There will be plenty more reviews of Carman's Muesli coming up soon and I'm hoping to make some interesting recipes with the products - Rather than just muesli in a bowl :) 
Kristy received Carman's Muesli courtesy of Carman's Fine Foods,
If you'd like a review of your own products send an email to ksayerphotography@gmail.com


  1. lovely photos of the product. i've received their bites and rounds which are good, i prefer the rounds because their a bit softer to eat. i'm looking forward to sampling their muesli bars soon. for breakfast i can't go past a banana and some fruit juice. that's all i really have time for but i love full buffet breakfast at hotels when i'm on holidays. i love hash browns when i can get them :-)

  2. Thanks Simon :)
    The rounds look like giant muesli cookies,
    I think i've had them a longgg time ago on a QANTAS flight.

    Good buffet breakfasts are amazing,
    Especially if they have good pastries.

  3. Great photography as usual! My fave breakfast is a plate full of fried eggs, hash browns and bacon, aka greasy foods :=P But that only happens on a Sunday morning. So on the other days I stick to eating my instant oatmeal or triple berry and almond muesli and a glass of OJ.

  4. Thankyou :)

    I love oatmeal and muesli - Anything with oats is good in my opinion!

  5. Musli is great. I can eat breakfast cereals at any time of day. I really like your photos.

  6. I like having something warm in the morning- like a bowl of noodles or something =] I've never just had muesli- my friend got me addicted onto muesli bars recently, especially the honey and apricot ones from Aldi! They're so good! I really should try just muesli!

  7. Muesli is such a good breakfast choice! Nothing beats the indulgent weekend breakfast/brunch though - that's gotta be my fave!

  8. i actually quite like carman's product range - haven't tried their muesli yet but can't say it's note tempting! my fave breakfast would have to a big breakfast but i find i never have time for one!

  9. You make the photo taking thing, look easy. The photos on my food blog are all crap. Even when I do use an actual camera versus a camera phone (5MP)

  10. Mark- So can I! And I often do when I can't decide what I want for lunch - Thankyou for the compliment :)

    Von- If you like muesli bars, you'll probably like muesli. I think its best with yoghurt, but there's so many different ways you can eat it.

    Missklicious- Indulgent weekend breakfasts are the best - Last week I spent my saturday morning at brasserie bread and breakfast was delicious

    Panda- Carman's is great bc they have such a wide range of muesli products. And when you can't find time to have a big breakfast - You have a big brunch :P

    Luigi- I'm actually an extreme perfectionist and I'm constantly learning new things. I think that's all photography is about, practice makes perfect.
    I don't think my photos are that great because there's so many great photographers blogging - You've just got to believe in yourself :)

  11. I heart Carmans! I have the bars at work to keep me going. Should try the bircher though, thanks for the idea =D

  12. Their muesli is really good :)
    No problem! Its a nice change from regular toasted muesli