Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I apologise for the lack of posts lately, you see, I've been having computer issues. Lots and lots of sweet, sweet computer issues. Sooooo sweet...
Sometimes I really really dislike technology. Sure I love my DSLR and the internet as well as blogging - but computer viruses drive me absolutely mental. Especially as it stops me from getting to the thousands upon thousands of photos stored on my computer.

But luckily I am back to having a fully functioning computer that is virus free!
which means, I'm back to blogging!

Don't forget that...
so scroll down to my last post and make sure you enter!
All you have to do is comment, and then send me a copy of your comment in an email.

Now I want you to share with me,
What is the one thing that drives you mad?!


  1. Welcome back online. Have missed your lovely photos.

  2. Yeah, WB.. was wondering if you were that busy compiling all the entries for your giveaway! ;=)

    Lovely photo of the post! Love the minimalist subject!

  3. Thankyou :D
    I love taking photos of simple things