Friday, April 30, 2010


Today is the first of May,
So you know what that means?

It's time I announced the winner of the Market Basket Competition!
One lucky person could be strolling the aisles of the farmer's markets clutching a gorgeous hand woven French Market Basket from The Market Basket Co.

I wanted this to be a fair competition, So I used to find the winner.

And that winner is................

who wrote:
"Oh what a gorgeous basket - perfect for mushroom hunting in Oberon! A good basket is great for letting those mushroom spores drop back to the forest floor. "

Using this basket for mushroom hunting never crossed my mind,
probably as I've never hunted for mushrooms myself,
But this sounds like a perfect use!

Congratulations Trina!

So now I want to know,
What's your favourite thing to pick up at the Farmer's Market?

Personally, I can't leave the farmer's market without picking up some cherry tomatoes
and a bag of freshly picked apples.


  1. Capsicums, potatoes and onions - for some reason these always look much better at the markets than in the supermarket, I love the colour of capsicums. :) You can also get the best chutneys and jams at farmer's markets, at least until I learn to make them better myself!

  2. I agree! It does always look nicer. Maybe its the setting.