Friday, May 28, 2010


I adore cheese. 
Especially vintage cheese. 
At parties, I'm always the one who stalks the cheese plate.

A while ago I was sent a package from The Simply Fine Food Company
that contained their delicious lavoche crispbreads.

I received their Sesame and Poppy Lavoche and their Organic Lavoche
and both were delicious!

The Simply Fine Foods Company's Lavoche crispbreads are made from 100% natural ingredients and free from nasty preservatives and msg. 
They're also baked not fried!

But I have to warn you. 
They're addictive

I had this cheese plate out at a dinner party and they received rave reviews
and disappeared verrrryyy quickly.

 If you want to get your hands on some of these delicious lavoche crispbreads for yourself head on over to The Simply Fine Food Company's Website where you can find a list of their distributors.

Anddd... in other news! 
It seems that my computer is fixed! 
(Thankyou technogenius Dad :D) 

But I'd like to know.. 
Where could I find you at a party! 

Kristy received the Simply Fine Food Company's Lavoche Crispbread courtesy of The Simply Fine Food Company.
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  1. I'd be hanging out at the cheese plate with you, I love party nibblies. :D

  2. Yum! I love cheese too! Love that photo - I could probably munch through most of that in one sitting. Ha ha!