Friday, June 18, 2010



“Life is like a box of chocolates... you never know what you're gonna get.”

Forrest Gump


 That quote is not only fitting for this post, but for what's been going on too.

I promise I haven't forgotten about you! 

I just haven't been home or around internet to blog.


However, I thought I'd jump right back into it with a super sweet post! 



A little while ago, I received this perfectly wrapped box of chocolates from Belgian Delights.
I carefully unwrapped the box to what I thought was twelve gorgeous chocolates.
I soon found two that were hidden :P

So, I took out my knife,
Gathered my taste testers
and began to dissect the chocolates. 

It's an extremely technical activity. 

The first of the chocolates I tried was the Heart Caramel.
A super rich dark chocolate shell with a gooey caramel centre.. 
I'm a biggggg caramel/chocolate fan and this caramel was almost butterscotch like.

Next up was the Heart Croquant
which was a smooth white chocolate 
with a nutty hazelnut praline and croquant inside.
Definitely a favourite!

I then chopped up the Horse Marble Praline
which became an instant favourite with its smooth marbled praline.
Hazelnut + Chocolate = Heaven.

The next chocolate in line was the Mylene,
a dark chocolate that held a creamy praline filling topped with a hazelnut. 

The Mocha was next,
a rich coffee buttercream enrobed in super smooth milk chocolate, topped with a coffee bean.
I'm no coffee fan, but my caffeine junkie taste testers loved this.

This is the Mannon,
a white chocolate with coffee flavoured marzipan and walnut pieces. 
We found this had an almost fruity, coconutty taste. 
But that may have been the chocolate overload on our taste buds.


These milk and dark chocolate squares made up the fourteen chocolates, hidden under another square.
I loved the simplicity of these chocolates, it was a nice break from the intense flavours.
I would've loved a white chocolate square though!


The Perfecta was a rich chocolate rum ganache
coated with dark chocolate 

The Coffee Diamond was a milk chocolate that held 
a brandy and coffee flavoured ganache.

The Sasha Mango was a dark chocolate 
with a light and fruity mango ganache filling. 
Verrryyy tropical

The Macadamia Praline was a milk chocolate with a smooth,
nutty praline filling topped with a crunchy hazelnut.

Not photographed was the Ginger Marzipan that was marzipan
with rum soaked ginger pieces, coated with dark chocolate

My taste testers and I collectively agreed that our TOP TWO 
were the Horse Marble Praline and the Heart Croquant.
The white chocolate was super smooth and not overly sweet. 
But all of the chocolates had great flavours!
Good enough to score an 8/10!

 So tell me, 
What's your dream chocolate combination?!

Kristy received Belgian Delights chocolates courtesy of Belgian Delights.
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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog, Kristy! I'd been wondering why you hadn't posted for so long, but it looks like these chocolates had kept you busy! ;-)
    I love all the shots, but my personal fave is the shot of the caramel heart - not that I'm crazy about caramel, but it's almost like I can taste it! Beautiful series! And my dream chocolate combo is almonds and lemon - the Lindt version. mmmmm!

  2. Oooh that sounds really good!
    I've been extremely busy with family things and school work so unfortunately my blog was neglected :(
    I was kind of at a loss having no access to a computer for over a week :P

  3. Nice shots :) love the one with the caramel oozing out.. MMmmm!

  4. oh yum. these look great! i love that quote from Forrest Gump hehe i think i've used that one many times in passing conversation. those chocolate are making me hungry now :-) i like how you've dissected them all to show what they're like inside.

  5. It's a classic quote!
    The chocolates were delicious :)