Friday, June 25, 2010


I'm still here!
and I'm alive!
yes, I may be coughing and spluttering, but I'm alive! 

I feel like my poor little blog has been super neglected,
so I've come to explain! 
First the issue was computer troubles
and then once that was fixed I thought it was back to blogging.
But then, a death in the family meant I had to spend a week away from technology
therefore, no blogging 
But I came home and thought "yes! back to blogging!"
only to be overcome by the worst flu i've had in a long time. 
So i've spent the past week in bed. 

But don't worry! 
I'm back! 
And not giving up.

I have lots I need to share with you all!
and I'll find my way around the computer troubles. 

Is anyone else finding this Sydney weather horrible? 
Cold, wet, miserable... ewwwwwwwwww
Let's just say I've become extremely well acquainted with my fireplace :) 
But now that, hopefully, fingers crossed, i'm back to blogging, 
I want to know what you want to see
Because, afterall, you're the ones who read my posts 

So tell me!


  1. Sorry to hear things have been tough lately, I hope they get back on track soon :) My favourite posts are (naturally) your foodie ones - reviews, because they tell me about products I haven't seen before, and recipes for yummy treats.

  2. K and S - Thankyou! I'm feeling better as each day passes :)

    Jasmine - I hope so too! There's lots of reviews coming up as well as (hopefully) some recipes. I feel like I haven't baked anything in forever!

  3. Oh dear sounds like you've been having a rough time. I am glad things are looking up for you again now though. Sorry about the weather too. It's so weird thinking that you are in the middle of winter when today in England there was glorious sunshine and it's been hot hot hot. I shall send some summer vibes your way!

  4. I could only dream of hot, sunny weather!
    Enjoy it!!