Sunday, July 18, 2010


Usually I only ever use natural light,
this can become a bit of a problem in winter
so lately I've been messing about with lighting in my spare time.

I don't have any fancy equipment,
but I'm extremely creative in using household objects :P

I've had a bad case of blog doubting lately. 
Maybe it's because I read so many fantastic blogs! 
But don't worry, I'm not giving up!
Kristy doesn't quit :)
I'm just going to work on bettering my blog
- Is that a word?
So I want to ask you,
How do you think I could better my blog?
And what's your opinion on the changed layout?

ps: secretly I really wanted this post to involve dalmations... 
do you think I could find one? nope :( 
yes - i'm a disney dork


  1. Nice shot - love the light on the subject! And your new blog design looks nice. You have my vote! :)